10/14/20 | Maxime

My kitten loves it!

My kitten Gus loves this dry food! He took to it straight away. Great value so can't complain! Love that the bag has a reseal strip to keep everything fresh.
08/27/18 | Agnes Dall

Loved It

We bought 2 big bags, and we quickly found out that we won't be buying anymore food from another brand. It's the only food my cats don't get tired of. They prefer this to pure meat actually!
07/24/18 | jen symonds

Adult Urinary- no more crystals in urine

My two Norwegian forest cats became very ill, both having blood and crystals in their urine and they began to lose weight. We spent a year going back and forth to the vets for antibiotics and a program of other "urinary" foods, still no improvement in either. I decided to try this and 2 weeks later they had both stopped having problems, I couldn't believe it, they are both happy, healthy cats again <3
05/03/18 | Dg Chilton

My cats say yes

I have been buying Smilla beef for a long time now. Eight spoilt cats with five different flavour food to graze and it is always the beef that I have to replenish first. The cats have spoken, think they would leave home if I stopped buying Smilla beef. Recommend
05/03/18 | Matt

My cats love the food. Quick delivery like usually. Many thanks

My cats love the food. Quick delivery like usually. Many thanks
04/18/18 | Sharon

Best I’ve used

Discovered this for my old lady who is ten now and to help her with her tummy as she has sensitive stomach, Since I’ve been using it ( for several years) her skin and coat has improved and not had as much trouble with fur balls
11/14/17 | naheed akhtar

cats loved it

Having 5 cats. Buying royal canin dry food was expensive. Switched to smilla, my cats loved it. An it works out very cheap. Will be buying again
08/09/17 | Ros sullivan

Great value, tasty food for my 8 cats including a chunky British shorthaired

My cats were originally fed on Royal canin second stage kitten, but it was expensive when you have a lot of cats. So I stumbled across Smilla. I was sceptical to start off but as soon as I opened the pack they went mad! Over it. They love the hearties and the dry food. So I highly recommend it. Very happy cat 😻Very happy pocket/owner 🤗
05/09/17 | KRAZY Kellys PET Rescue

Good foor

I run a rescue & have tried loads of various foods including supermarket & hypo allergenic foods, we only fed kitten dry food 2 all r cats, we have 21 cats in at the moment & they love this food, go mental when delivery comes, had premature litters last year which only started 2 gain weight once on this, after trying more expensive other brand kitten foods, good ingredients 4 a good price!!


Started buying kitten Smilla which was wolfed down by both our kitten and 14yr old kitties. The adult version is appreciated just the same. I keep the bowl topped up. Both cats maintain a healthy weight, have shiny coats and are full of energy! Mr 14yr old was prone to vomiting dry foods, this one hasn't affected him in this way. Great value for money. I like the smaller bag option to keep it fresh. Also adored my granny's Bengal/coon cross he helps himself out the bag!
09/13/15 | Maya

Kitten love it

Our kittens are extremely fussy. They love this dry food, so thumps up from Misha and Colin :)
08/27/15 | Bunny Bailey

Kitties love the food and I love the price!

My 3 adult cats all love these biscuits and I'm happy with the price. Very good value for money and a very good kitty food. :)
05/03/15 | alexis

good value for money

we are owned by a lot of cats and this food is popular with all.its good value for money and always arrives within a few days of ordering.
04/13/15 | Frankie

Smillay Cat

My cat is happy with Smilla, she is a black cat and her hair has never looked so shiny and healthy, looking way younger than her 13 years. I took the risk to change her food for the best.
03/11/15 | MRS S M NISBET

changed cat

Hi, My blind elderly Diamese cat Nicco suffered constipation after serious injury and surgery and consequently had "accidents" also he never seemed happy or full - Smilla - he goes once a day, no accidents and is completely content - what a great find for both of us! Have highly recommended this great product to all my friends - beats ALL the foods suggested by my Vets - hands down - will use from now on. Just ordered my second lot.
02/10/15 | benj

tried them all

This one came out joint top, with our fussy BLH.
05/06/14 | kitty

great value

My cat loves this
03/31/14 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

Both my cats love it!!

My kittens are now 6 months old and I've switched them over to Smilla (wet and dry)...and they love it. Right from the start, they would pounce on these foods. Great value for money. There's hardly any decent value kitten foods out there which don't contain so many derivatives. It smells a bit but so long as you keep it in a sealed box, it's not a problem.
02/24/14 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

My cats love it!!

I have lots of cats and they all love this food. They've eaten 11kg worth of the stuff in just 2 weeks. In comparison, they really didn't seem bothered about Catessy and would just litter it over the garden. But they all love Smilla.
12/08/13 | calvin

The cat food

5 star

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