09/07/18 | Dawn

Good cat tree

I have a small 3 month kitten and a massive 9 month kitten, this cat tree is perfect as my little one can manage climbing all the way to the top and my big boy still fits in the cat beds and house without feeling cramped. It is large and you are best to build from the top down when putting it together. It took just under an hour to build ( with the help of a 5 year old so an adult without the ‘help’ of a child should be able to build in less time
04/29/18 | B Burdett

She's glued

Since getting our cat this tree, she hardly ever leaves the bed right at the top.
03/17/18 | Myra Hopkins

Brilliant sturdy and modern

I have a Bengal and a savannah and this is perfect. Very stable and sturdy for these 2 lumps of mine. They love it and so do I ! House could be a bit more padded or luxurious but I made a fluffy cushion. It's great value and very easy to put together. I have bought many items from zooplus and brilliant company and good quality goods. Will use all day long. It's also a great price considering the cheaper quality ones that are around.
01/27/18 | Lydia Owen


I had been looking for the best cat tree for my 2 ragdolls for a while... So glad I found this one! It's massive, good quality & looks great. My girls love it!! Only criticism is the assembly instructions - Complete from top to bottom!
11/19/17 | Danielle Sims

Amazing quality

I was compelled to review this product after getting sick of replacing flimsy tree's that fall apart within a year. This is not one of those products! Super sturdy, huge beds and hideaways, very thick scratching posts supporting it all. It's brilliant. It is huge, needs a lot of space, and takes some working out to build, but so worth it. Tip for construction: start with the house upside down and build from the top down before turning over
09/18/17 | Laura

My boys love it and so do I!! (Assemble from top to bottom)

This tree is brilliant, but assemble from top to bottom not the other way round!! I bought this tree for my 2 boys as an early 1st birthday pressie, and because i was due to go on holiday it softened the guilt at leaving them at home! Also as they are mainly indoor cats, i wanted something really big, but also really sturdy for them to play on. It's brilliant and they loved it immediately!! They always sleep in the doughnuts - so cosy! I thoroughly reccommend!

Instruction could be better

It is a large cat tree well designed with a lot to play. I would rate it 4.5 star because: 1. the fabric seems shedding quite badly when newly opened from box 2. Instruction could be better. Becareful the fittings and stept are both marked with arabic numbers so you have to be careful to tell which is which. If they could use different labelling for the parts/fittings/assembly steps it would make assembling much easier
07/01/17 | aimee weldon

our cats love it!

the cats are delighted with this cat tree. We've put it at the window in the spare room, so they can look out at the birds on the feeder, and they love it. It's got different levels, and the box bit is a good size, so they're very happy. it's been getting a lot of use, and we are thrilled with it. Do though look at the instructions better than I did, as I steamed ahead and started assembling it from the bottom up, and when i got to the top I realised I should have started from the top down!
06/25/17 | Tania Bigg

Big Enough for Maine Coons

The biggest I found online. 5 of my Maine Coons can snooze happily on it at the same time. Had to build it 3 times though because instructions have no words, just a numbering system - you need to THOROUGHLY read and understand the numbering system before you start. (Takes 2 people because mostly you build it upside down). Vital: Screws between posts and platforms should be deeply screwed into the posts first, so they don't poke up into platform. Well worth the money and effort building it tho.
04/05/17 | Tracy Home

Big enough for Maine Coons

A massive cat tree which easily holds 4 Maine Coons. I have 3 Men and a Baby (boy) and they are big lads. They love sitting on it and lookin out of the window. Good quality and really good value for money

Finally a cat tree big enough for my fluffballs!

We have 12 ragdoll cats and always struggled to find a sturdy, strong, balanced cat tree for large cats and we have always found good ones from zooplus in the large cat tree section, we have had many different ones over the years and this is definitely in the top two we've ever had. The fact it has two decent size bases to it and thick cat scratching posts makes the whole frame secure. It's a lovely colour, actually looks better in person than the photos online (usually the other way round). Instructions are never the clearest especially if you don't put up cat trees often. But with this one you have to just follow the numbers on the sheet, start from the den downwards. Definitely would recommend!

Perfect Cat Tree.

Bought this for my 2 Cats: my male Cat is very large and always struggles to fit in standard sized Cat trees so I was looking for a large tree. This one is perfect, I am so pleased I found it. The quality is excellent and the Cats love it, however be sure to measure correctly before you order as it is HUGE! This is the perfect tree for multiple Cat households or large breeds such as Maine Coons. Very easy to assemble and looks great once built. Can also be built in two different shapes to fit in corners or against flat walls. I have 2 very happy, spoilt Cats!
04/30/16 | Tracey

It's fantastic pole highly recommend

Brought this for my 5 cats they love it they all couldn't wait to go on it even when we were putting it up soon fast asleep in the beds it fantastic scratch pole really happy with best pole we have ever brought highly recommend
10/16/15 | Jacqui

Love it!!

Arrived within 2 days. Simple to put together, lovely quality and within seconds my cats were playing on it. Well made, nice fabric. I'm very happy
09/10/15 | Saqib mohammed

amazing cat tree

i have bought due to other my cat tree breaking by the power of my 1 year old baby Narla who is a snow Bengal so loves to climb and this is amazing it's like a castle for the queen of the house and it came in 2 days of ordering and she loves it and I do to, thank you so much
05/09/15 | Mandy


The product itself is Fabulous. Sturdy, and looks great. Please Please take a minute to looks at the measurements before you decide...it's Humongous! Instructions are rubbish...it's a case of figure it out for yourself. It would suit multiple Cats/Kittens. So far my one cat has looked...sniffed...and walked away....! I think Inquisitive cats would absolutely love this.
04/16/15 | Andy & Olga

Highly recommended!!

We had this tree as a replacement for White Tiger XXL cat tree we were not happy with. Very pleased with the new one!! So are the cats!! :) Very sturdy. There are a few levels to explore, sleep on & hide under. Cats love it! Also, the parts of the tree can be swapped around to make a new look to surprise the cats :) Our two British Shorthair love the tree. None tried the hammock but... they belong to the least bravest breed in the world :) Overall, brilliant cat tree for big cats (our British Shorthair boys are 8.5 & 7 kilos!) for exercise and relaxing. Plus, looks stylish in the sitting room but the same time does not look big like the one we had before.
03/31/15 | Shirley


Our 2 Savannahs love this tree! They're extremely active and charge up, down and over this to their hearts' content. It's very sturdy and well made. I'd choose this again for any active or large cat.
03/15/15 | Cheryl

If in doubt, buy this 1!

I was worried buying a sturdy cat tree that will suit my male ragdoll but this one is perfect. Lovely once up, strong and supports my cats weight with ease. Perfect for the larger/heavier breed of cats. Spent ages online finding the perfect tree but completely happy with the purchase and entirely recommend to buy this cat tree. Build from the top to the bottom though as otherwise you cant put the last piece on and have to start from scratch!
02/22/15 | Anastasia Mckeown (Anastasia's Cat Hotel)

A fantastic cat tree!

I bought 3 of these for my cat hotel, and I am very pleased. Very sturdy and stable, good size shelves. All the cats and kittens love them, and I love these too as they are so easy to disinfect due to their straitforward design - no awkward nooks and crannies! Really happy with these.

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