10/14/18 | Rita Tregubske

Very sturdy and great quality

This cat house is very sturdy and extremely well made. I love the way it looks in my living room. My cats are not too crazy about it, but they take time with everything so Im not worried. Im sure they will like it eventually:) Very happy with my purchase! Thanks

10/06/18 | Rebecca

Strong and sturdy

My kittens love it they took to it straight away. Its not the same colour as the photos though but I prefer it, its much nicer, a light grey. So far so good no complaints 😊



My kitten loves it, good quality and looks lovely



Received this today. Super quick postage. Very easy to assemble, my cat was in the hidy holes whilst we were still building the rest. We have a 5kg ragdoll who has been climbing up the main post and it hasn't shaken at all. Other reviews said the cover for the top bed was hard to put on but I didn't find this at all. The pattern is lovely and looks much nicer than our last tree. We have a very high window sill and with this tree, our cat can sit on the middle and top post and is able to see straight out. Really happy with this product. Can't fault it.

01/22/17 | Amy

Best scratch post I've owned!!

I have 6 Birman cats & owned cats for over 30 years- this is the best scratch post I've had- & there's been a few!! All of The cats love it! they use every part which is quite unusual as they only normally sit on the top of others! It's extremely sturdy & has never toppled over! I've had it for 2 years now (it's been well used) & its only just starting to look worn. It looks very plush & goes well with my grey decor & carpets!! I'm about to order another one to replace my old one. Excellent value- would highly recommend.

12/14/16 | Kirsty

Love it & so do the cats!

This is nice and sturdy. Love the colour and the pattern. Cats are loving it, sleeping in the bottom and laying across the ledge and top perch. Great that the top can be removed and washed. Wish there was more of this brand and colour of cat tree I would buy more designs 100%

09/13/16 | Susan Saunders


BIG, very sturdy. Fabric is lovely and my 17lb Maine Coon, Caspurr, adores it. He likes to pole dance and this is perfect for him. Searched for the perfect cat tree for weeks and then found it.

07/13/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

A nice cat tree

Really nicely designed cat tree. The fabric looks smart and didn't have that chemical smell when we unpacked it. Assembly was okay, covering the top platform isn't as easy as it might be... Now that we've had the tree for roughly 3 months, the sisal definitely looks the worse for wear, and may have to be replaced fairly soon. Other than that, this cat tree was really well received and it's nice and stable, and provides more than enough space for our 5.5kg cat.

06/07/15 | Zoe Jarrom

Lovely big tree

My kitten loves this tree and its sturdy, secure and spacious. Looks great and stylish. I agree with other reviewers, putting the removable covers on is almost impossible! It was a two person job but once on its great.


Stable and good looking cat tree

Very happy with the Royal Silver. My cat loves a good scratch and everything's holding up well so far. His favourite place to sleep is the top platform, which is easy for me to cover =) The cave bit is used more as a storage place for toys than a hide away. My cat hasn't really given the thinner posts a going over yet. The cat tree has been in decent use since January and my clever kitty knows how to use it well =) The tree is a little wobbly when my cat uses it as a spring board for the wardrobe....:D


My cat's new home

Both my cats love it, they prefer it to their old one, this one is much more spacious. Where now the older, bigger one can sit or even sleep streched out on the platform. It looked easy to put together, it was apart from one thing, the removable quilted sleeping areas. They are such a tight fitting they are nearly a two person job to make sure that when one side os on and you go to put the other side of it on, you have to make sure it doesn't ping off. Hope that you understand my wording.

03/05/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Royal Silver: Review

We have only had this cat tree for about 3 weeks. The plush looks very stylish, but the sisal is a bit thin and disappointing. Can't pass judgement on its quality yet, but it seems to be quite loosely wrapped. Our two cats have done a bit of a number on it already, which is a bit of a shame. We've had to rewrap it, which I wanted to avoid. There are 2 little holes for small pillars on the cylinder, which could be used to make the cat tree more visually appealing. But I think it looks nice and homely as it is, and goes well with the rest of our decor.

02/21/15 | Tricia Palmer


I struggled to fit the top bed around the base, the tree is acceptable just! My cats always love something new and I dare say it will not last as long as their previous one! Attractive though.

01/16/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Royal Silver Review

A wonderful cat tree, my two Persians (9kg and 4kg) made it their own as soon as it arrived, before it had even been built properly. The plush covers are almost too tight, and can be a real battle to put on. Couldn't do it on my own. Other than that, a lovely little product.

01/10/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Good value for money

I'm very pleased with what I got for my money. My little tigers took to it straight away, scratching and slashing away. A little bit of wobble when both of my 5kg cats are on it, but nothing outrageous/dangerous.

01/08/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Nice cat tree

Easy to put together, although personally I would have preferred starting from the bottom (rather than from the top as per the manual). The covers could be a little bit bigger, it can be a bit of a squeeze getting them on. A bit more padding wouldn't hurt either, especially on the bed. I put this cat tree right in front of the window. My cat still prefers the window sill, but the tree has only been up for one day.... All in all, a perfectly adequate cat tree!

01/08/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Very popular

Beautiful cat tree. The thick sisal posts make it super sturdy. My two furries immediately made this cat tree their own, and use it for playtime and naptime. The removable and washable pillows are a really nice touch. I would definitely recommend this product! Great value for money! My little kittens are happy, and so am I :)

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