Bed looks cute and nice the cat enjoys it for sure.

Both cats love it!

Both of our cats adore this bed. It's fantastic! Our beautiful 7kg boy really loves it but struggles to comfortably fit on it. Could you make a larger one please?
06/07/20 | Monica

Scratch bed

Leo doesn’t sleep anywhere else!
01/16/20 | Barbel

Excellent Product

We got this for one of our cats who loves cardboard scratching stuff. We were happy when he immediately took to it and its now one of his favourite sleeping spots. Well made at a good price point!
09/15/19 | Carla

He loves cardboard

My cat loves everything in cardboard and loves this bed, he wouldn't go near any other kind of bed 😻

Cat scratcher bed

I bought this as have 2 cats one if which is old & won't go outside. Have tried the cat scrather on stand but as chord is circular around it no good should be done for n vertical position. I saw this one though great bought it almost 3 months ago. Both cats have rejected it completely. I lifted both of them into it hoping they'd fall for it but no. Problem with the indoor cat is she is very nervous she won't let me use nail clippers on her. Have to bring her to Surgery which costs big bucks.
01/12/19 | Fiona Kingston

Our cats love these!

Our two black girls love these beds. One uses it for scratching as well as sleeping; the other thinks it's HER bed. Have bought another so they have one each but they love this design best. Both quite small cats so size is perfect but I could see it would be a problem for a bigger kitty. Please don't ever discontinue this cardboard cat furniture!
01/05/19 | Maggie. Shaw

Scratch bed

My Cat loves this bed but it is much too small for him to be comfortable. I would be happy to pay double. He likes to sleep in it but his paws hang over the edge.

Please make a larger version

My cats love these beds but they really need to be made slightly larger for comfort as their bodies are not completely in the bed.Looking at the comments it looks like many of your customers agree. I would be willing to pay more for larger beds.
12/05/18 | Jo

A winner!

By far the best scratchpad/bed on the market. My cat Buddy absolutely loves this, he sleeps in it all the time. It fits him perfectly and he is quite a big cat. I’ve had to stockpile a few as I’m worried in case Zooplus stop selling them, he’s be distraught!

Very good item

My cat loves these beds but as with many other customers i wish they came in a larger size as she is a big cat and never looks really comfy.
10/23/18 | Katie

Our cats LOVE these!

Someone recommend this bed to me and I was really skeptical because it was cardboard. However our two cats love this bed so much I had to buy a second one so they now have one each. They sleep in it over a soft bed and enjoy scratching and biting at it too. Fascinating!

House rabbits love these!

My house rabbits absolutely love these. They sit in them and chew them.
07/29/18 | Beck

Firm favourite, highly recommended!

My dear old girl loves this so much I bought her another one! It was the first thing she scratched at after I adopted her & then she started sleeping in it. It's light but sturdy & evidently very comfy! I can clean it pretty easily with a brush for all the cat hair, and once after she had an ear infection I gave it a good spray with a pet-friendly antibacterial spray, letting it dry thoroughly before replacing it. That's when I bought her a second one, now she has one for each end of the flat!
07/16/18 | Ethel Lahert

Really good product

Excellent product. Very well designed and perfect for an apartment. My cat loves it.
06/29/18 | LYNNE

Great Bed but need two sizes

I have bought quite a few of these beds as my cats do love them but they do have to squeeze themselves in it and look quite uncomfortable .Would love to see these beds made just a little bit bigger. Best quality cardboard bed I have bought.
06/08/18 | Jing

My cat loves it!

My cat immediately made this bed his favourite spot at home!
05/30/18 | Piotr

Boys love it

My cats love it, for both sleeping and scratching. Simply great product.
04/14/18 | Mr Peter Thomas

Cat thinks its xmas

I bought several cat scratchers, all have been tried and tested. Right now fast asleep in this one displayed. Got to be good. Thank you and great delivery.
04/05/18 | Michelle Ball

Fantastic Value, Great Quality

I wholeheartedly recommend this cat bed to every cat and kitten owner; it's very well made, good size and pretty too. All four of my cats use it, all of the time.

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