03/29/20 | Daga


Cats love it! So much fun. You can hide their favourite toys inside and watch them figuring out how to take them out 😂 Now... They hardly use it as scratcher though...
07/01/19 | Tatjana


My kitten love it. As soon as I bought this scratch box my kitten lost interest to all home furniture. A little bit messy but very easy to brush small paper pieces and it is so cool to see how much your kitten enjoy it.
06/25/19 | Tatjana


the scratch cardboard is amazing solution to stop cats scratching furniture and sofas. My kitten 6 month old just love it.
06/18/19 | Cat lady

Hours of fun

My cats love this product. I have two cats but only bought one of these because I wasn't sure they would like it . Big mistake!!! They love it. They sharpen their claws on it! They play with it! They sleep on it! They fight over it! I will definitely have to get more of these when they are back in stock.
01/12/19 | Fiona

Great success

One of our cats loves this, especially if we poke a feather wand into the holes in the sides and wiggle it. Hours of fun! It's also occasionally used as a scratching pad but is preferred as a toy.
12/05/18 | Jo

Great fun!

This is a favourite for my cat Buddy. He loves getting the balls out of the holes, it’s quite a challenge! The cardboard scratch pads are always a firm favourite with my cats and to have the bonus of a game included makes this great value!
06/04/18 | Rachelle

She loves it.

My cat has always liked cardboard scratching boards, but she loves playing with this one. The only problem is she gets the balls out fairly easily and I have to search around the house for them to put them back. :)
04/13/18 | jennifer masterton


both my cats love this they play with it everyday .
04/09/18 | Phil Samuel

Absolute must if you have a cat that scratches carpet

Our 3 year old birman has scratched carpets in a few places, recently this has now been everywhere! Scratch posts all over the house did not stop him, he would use when he felt like but always would still scratch the carpet. Purchased this box in hope that he would use this instead. He sniffed and prodded the box over the first week we encouraged him to use the box. After the first week he slowly but surely used it more and more. It his is now first place to scratch each and everyday. Five stars
02/02/18 | Di

Stair Carpet Life Saver!

Moment I took this out of the packaging Mr Perkins was onto this. Loves seeking out the toys inside as I guessed he would. Most of all I chose it because his preference is horizontal scratching, and this product is saving my stair carpet from getting ripped to shreds I'll no doubt be ordering another one in the future once there's nothing left to shred. Worth it for the bargain price it is!
01/06/18 | Anna

Brilliant scratcher

Very popular with my two cats to sit and scratch on, even without the catnip. Very good vaue, it lasts very long as you can turn it over and use both sides. Buing more of this one.
12/17/17 | Helen Bailey

Great entertainment

This is the best activity toy for my cat, he just goes mad for it! Fantastic value and hours of fun watching him play 😸


Cat absolutely loved it. It took him about half an hour to figure out how to get the ball out, but we've been putting it back in and he hasn't got bored (or destroyed it) yet. Really pleased with it and really good value for money.

Happy kittens

My new kittens arrived today and wow do they love this! They have spent ages playing with it then fell asleep on top of it too. I couldn’t find the catnip sachet (I put it somewhere ‘safe’!) but used catnip spray on it). Such a good buy!
11/01/17 | Jan Heine

Just purchased my fourth one....

My two thugs totally love this and in fact I think it is the most favourite of any toy/scratch bed that I have bought them! They get violent with it but are showing no signs of boredom!! The balls hidden inside are a favourite toy with my Maine Coon and he thinks he's the cleverest one in all the world when he gets all the balls out - and he then waits for me to put them back in again! Oh and he is 8 years old and little Miss Ragdoll, who also loves it, is 7 years old!

Great value toy

My cat was really pleased with this toy and I think it is really good value for money.

Best thing I've bought for a while

I bought this two months ago, and my two cats are still loving it. They play with it on their own, and we play with it together - try poking a feather waggler through the holes. They like to scratch it and they like to loaf on top. Most toys grow boring quickly, but not this one!

Cat loves it

My pretty girl loves this. Jumped on it as soon as we brought her home from the rescue. Scratches it a little but mostly just sits on it. Seems to be her safe space as she runs to it if she a little nervous. She doesn't put her paws through and play with the balls as she's 3 legged but it's a fav thing!
02/05/17 | Irene Noad


I have two of these for my Bengal kittens and they love them. They are quite robust and I shall defintely replace them when they wear out.
09/23/16 | Manda

Used everyday by the lodger has saved my kitchen walls.

The lodger (who is now a permanent resident as her previous owner no longer wanted her) started to scratch at the walls and the curtains. She used the boxes (from here) but was still having a cheeky scratch when i wasnt around. This is her absolute favourite, she scratches on it everytime she comes in and lays/sleeps on it. She plays with it on her own and i also poke the feather duster type toy through the sides. Which sends her bonkers and she catapults around the house, coming back to scratch, catch it and eat it. She isn't particularly bothered about the balls but that doesnt detract from it, its a fantastic toy. I will definitely continue to replace it and will buy some for xmas as prezzies for the families furries. Firm favourite and excellent value for money.

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