21/02/23 | Marta
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I got this for my 2 cats and they loved it as soon as I put it up
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my cat loves, good space saving, very happy for this buy
26/04/17 | Sarah
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Shorter than expected but the cats love it

We worried that it would be too tall, with the shortest height mentioned being much taller than the height of our ceiling but decided to buy it and adjust as needed but it actually fitted fine and would've been fine even with a lower ceiling. Both our cats jumped into the box and onto the hammock pretty much immediately and have loved it since before(!) it went up. It is sufficiently stable that even our cat that's scared of any height taller than a chair happily climbs into the hammock!
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Cats love it

I'm sure there must've been catnip or something in this with how keen the cats were on it! They generally don't like anything new but one cat (who loves boxes and being close to the ground) jumped straight in the box part as soon as it was out of the box and our other cat (who loves being high up) was straight in the hammock at the top once it was put together. Our room height is shorter than the stated minimum height but could've been shorter and still fitted easily.
12/10/15 | Len. Maky's servant/owner.
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Excellent value.

The price is just so good, I had to get one for my young Maine Coon rescue cat, Maky. She adores it and is now weaning off clawing at my old chair onto the posts. It was just too tall to actually fit properly in my house, so I inspected the build and found I could shorten it easily myself. 4 inches shorter made it ideal for fixing, and it is probably more sturdy rather than less as a result of the modification. -¶- I have a heavy duty stapler, so I was able to simply re-attach the screw plate taken from the cut off section into the new top section. -¶- To do this: -¶- You need: -¶- Heavy duty stapler -¶- Junior hacksaw -¶- Needle nosed pliers (Or some tool able to extract the existing staples.)-¶- Method: -¶- First pry out the staples that secure the sisal rope from the end you are going to remove. There is also glue, but this easily comes away. -¶- Then mark and cut the portion you are going to remove. It is just very heavy duty cardboard and cuts easily with a junior hacksaw. -¶- Pry the remaining staples from the plastic housing of the screw section. -¶- Ease out the plastic disc, place it back in to the shortened post. -¶- Secure in place with heavy duty staples. (It may be possible to use nails, but staples worked perfectly for me.) -¶- Re-glue, and staple the sisal rope, cutting off and discarding the unused rope. (My cat loves the rope tied to the posts as an added toy.)-¶- The script used to post reviews strips the CR symbol, thus leaving one block of unformatted text, Copy this review into your favourite word processor and replace the -¶- symbols with carriage return&line feed or just enter.
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Excellent budget cat tree

Quick to put up and assemble. Our two cats where playing on it before we had finished putting it together. So far we have found no need for the supporting bracket as it fits so snugly.
10/09/14 | Linda Sroka
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Second ceiling tree I have bought and this is ideal for the smaller space I have. Kitties love it lots of space and places to call their own. Not needed to fasten it to the wall despite having some heavy cats it has not moved at all. Highly recommend the ceiling trees.
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orion cat tree

Very quick delivery, assembled in 20 minutes, very easy to do. I have two birman kittens who love to climb, its a real hit with them, allows them almost to the ceiling. Excellent value for money ! Would recommend this to anyone who has 'climbing kitties'.
21/08/07 | Tommy
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cat post

Very quick being delivered, and once arrived my daughters 16 week old Bengal kimi, has not stopped climbing it and loves the den. Very easy to put up, great value for money.