06/26/21 | Murkas Owner

Fantastic cat tree!

Feels sturdy & cat sat in it right away. So worth the money!!

06/05/20 | Melissa K

Excellent for cats!They love it!

I have the first version of this.Its excellent!My ragdoll Maisie absolutely loves this especially the little enclosed area.Amazing!Totally recommend!

02/03/20 | Anna

Love itj

My kittens wouldnt even wait for it to be put up to use it they both love it Good quality and big beds just like i wanted 🙃

12/24/18 | JCMK

La Digue 2

Bought for two adult Siamese, I thought they would like the different levels. Put it together today, assembly quite easy but hole to fix house is in wrong place, sits off centre (saw this in review from 2014). Not much turning room for large cats to get from lower level to next level. Entrance to house is small, I am thinking of getting rid of it. There is not much padding on the paw shaped level for old bones. The boys have not shown too much interest yet, will see if it changes.

12/12/18 | A. Baird

Cats Love It

They haven't stopped using it since we put it up. They sat watching in anticipation while we assembled it!

12/07/18 | Lindsay Flanagan

looks good

finally found a cat tree and scratch polos that actually is solidly made and doesnt fall apart a few hours later, i have a large Maine Coon kitten (15mths old) and he throws himself at it then looks very pleased with himself

11/24/18 | Jakki Oldfield

Really good...but

This is an excellent cat tree, sturdy and robust and very much in use all day long. The only thing I would change is the 4 bottom posts are NOT sisal, they are covered in plush which was ripped to shreds and hanging off in a matter of days and they were scratching away at the cardboard tubes. I replaced them with 4 used sisal covered posts from a previous cat tree and it is going strong almost a year later, but would have been unusable if I hadn't had the spare posts.

11/24/18 | Gremlem

They love this

Arrived this morning and for the last 24 hours they've played non stop on it! And they're not exactly the lightest of kitty's x

09/27/18 | Greta

Great product

Well made, looks even better than it does in pictures, good quality, sturdy. We bought it for out cat who loves climbing and being up high and the cat is in heaven, hasnt left the cat tree all evening and asleep in it now for the night (3 hours after we assembled it!).



Dulcie hasn't come down from her new tree since we put it up 3 hours ago! It's sturdy, and very stable so it doesn't seem to need anchoring to the wall either. Really good quality!

08/01/18 | Maxine

Cat loves it

Only took about 30mins to set up, real easy. Looks great all set up, so soft. Cats love it too, which is always great! Sprayed some catnip spray on it to lure him in though lol.

06/06/18 | Jacquie

Would be perfect

My cat loves this but as I feared he has destroyed it in 2 weeks. When I ordered it I phoned to ask if it would be possible to have all the poles covered in sisal (rather than all but the bottom 4) . Unfortunately this wasn’t possible and he has already shredded them . I can’t blame him , how would he know 6 posts are for scratching but the others are delicate? Apart from it looking a mess he loves it, I will have to cover the posts myself with sisal rope .

05/14/18 | Eleanor MacDonald

Loves it...eventually

Easy enough to build. Cat ignored for many weeks. I sprinkled cat nip on it and now he loves it.

04/19/18 | Terri Smith

My kitties love this!

Got this as our previous cat tree had gone through enough abuse! Took me about an hour to put together and I positioned the sisal covered poles towards the front as they would be easier for the cats to get to and less damage to the 'fur' covered poles as we have it next to a wall. I use the bottom hammock to hold their toys and they love sitting up on the paw perch and sleeping in the upper bunk. Word of advise: Do not get the black tree if you have white furred cats!


Great cat tree

This cat tree is great and good quality. Very sturdy and a lot of places for my two kittens to go they love it!

03/25/18 | Susan

La Digue Cat tree

I have bought two of these as they have been a big hit with my two rescued semi ferals. They choose to spend every single night on these even though they have the option of sleeping on "ground floor beds. They are very sturdy but unfortunately the beds at the top are proving to be not very long lasting and the sides are getting a bit floppy and thread bare. I have asked ZooPlus if I could buy replacement beds but regrettably they do not sell these so basically a new tree has to be bought :(

02/11/18 | Lorraine

Excellent quality cat tree

My 2 five year old tabby cats have been through quite a few cat trees in their time, but this one has to be one of the best. It was really easy to put together and stands really sturdy. The posts are all the same length which will enable me to swap them round when they have scratched the life out of them and the velvet bed/paw seating post are very soft. Cats love it and very good price!

02/01/18 | Sally Green

Excellent product

Both my cats love this, it takes up little floor space but has many different beds and scratching posts, easy to put together and all posts are same size so can switch positions depending on where cats like to scratch

01/07/18 | Sam B

Best purchase

This is a fantastic item for your cat. My Bengal loves it. She plays on it, uses the house, scratches it and lives relaxing and demanding attention from it. It also looks great in the room, luxurious and was also affordable. Very pleased.

01/02/18 | Linda Taylor

Bailey and Oliver love it

Really pleased with this cat tree. Very good quality and easy enough to build. It's pretty sturdy and doesn't take up too much room. My 2 cats love it. They have to take turns though of the big padded penthouse suite :). Would definitely recommend.

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