05/03/21 | Lydia

very stable

I was expecting the tree to be flimsy, especially for the price. It is actually very stable and my 6 kg cat enjoys it. the only issue is that the distance between each level is kind of short, so I would not recommend it for large and tall cats!

07/31/20 | Helen

Best buy

I've had the Catherine tree for 9 years now, and for all that time it has been a huge part of my two cats' territory. It looks beautiful still, beside my sofa, and my 11 year old tortie sleeps in the top bed a lot. I feed them treats on the platform, so they both jump up there when they hear the rattle of the tin. One of the best things I ever bought. I've had to tighten the top bed a few times, and the sisal is a bit hairy from years of scratching, but this is a sturdy tree and great value

04/29/19 | Katrin

Absolutely fabulous

Very nice looking, not to say gorgeous. Very stabile, ofcourse we secured it with a wall bracket, but not wobbly at all. Every level is in use, with little help of catnip spray. Good solid tree for a small place!

08/31/18 | Ruth Cummins

Not suitable for adult or large cats! Buy the La digue ll instead.

This cat tree is lovely to look at in any corner space but totally unsuitable for adult/large cats. It's too narrow and tall and I felt that the main bed on top made it a bit top heavy for the base to hold properly. It wobbled furiously any time the cats attempted to climb up to the top. My advice to anyone buying a tree for the first time is to buy the La Digue ll tree on this site...very strong and sturdy...and easy access for the cats.

05/02/18 | rayuela

Instant success, could not be happier

My four months old kitten loved it instantly! He jumped into the box and started playing with the dangling toy before I even unboxed it! He was all over it while we were assembling it and has been using it for play, climbing, scratching, lounging and sleep ever since! Could not be happier with the purchase. We placed 20kg weights into the bottom area for stability instead of screwing against the wall for now, will reconsider as he gets bigger.

02/25/18 | Laurie

100% would recommend!

This was the best purchase - my bengal cat has never been more excited! She absolutely lost her mind when it arrived (in 2 days by the way- amazing service!) and has hardly left the bed at top since! It's tall, which is excellent for a cat who likes a bit of height but definitely sturdy and really doesn't take up a lot of room either. Excellent quality, I absolutely recommend :) delighted!

02/13/18 | Tracey

Great value, spacious and compact

Arrived really quickly and quite pleased with the quality of this post, my cats were too eager to try it out that the one was climbing on it before it was built, once built, it is lovely and high, sturdy, love the cushion at the top, bigger than I thought which was a bonus, woukd recommend this totally


Compact but still plenty of space to play

I got this to give my two cats some extra sleeping options. My kitten has no trouble climbing all the way to the top and likes to sleep in the highest bed, whereas my large adult cat likes the first platform. Both make use of the posts to scratch on. I have it tucked in beside a wardrobe in the bedroom. It hardly takes up any floor space at all. The whole thing feels sturdy and I don't worry about it falling over.

10/26/17 | tracy

brilliant cat tree

I bought this for my 5 month old cat. she loves it. the fabric is very good quality, its thick plush really soft. its well made and built to last. design is great. good size yet doesn't take up much room. very pleased I bought this one. I highly recommend. its a tough job to find a cat tree better than this one. its the best.

02/15/17 | Miss G

Lovely cat tree

Great tree, surprisingly doesnt take up much room!

02/01/17 | Shauna


My two bengal boys absolutely love this cat tree!! Great for snoozing and spying on us below from the top level! And also looks great and stylish in our living room too and fits perfectly into our . Considering the price I think it's great value for money. Only criticism is the two balls for playing with came off after one day but think this is evidence how much fun the kittens were having on their new tree!! Would definitely buy again!!

01/03/17 | Egle


Very good size u can have a cat tree if you dont have a lot space or you live in small apartaments. So iam so happy i love catherine cat tree thank you for best value.


My boys love their new tree

Great quality, very sturdy. The cats were so excited that they "helped" to put it together. They both love it (Oscar also liked the big box it came in, but he generally likes any box). They are playing with the attached toys, but I'm not sure how long they will be attached for as one chews through the elastic of any toy. This is in no way a reflection on the product or quality. It fits lovely into a corner making it great for smaller spaces. All in all we are all happy with it, humans and cats

05/01/16 | Josefine

Not a safe tree, difficult also to get down off.

I wanted to replace the La Digue cat tree and thought I'd try something new so bought this the Catherine tree. Easy to up but the my two cats just could get to grips with it. They could not get up on it. I lifted one up on to the top platform and watched her struggle to try to get down again. It is a very tall tree and (2meters nearly) and she was very uncomfortable and tried to slide down to the next platform and just about fell out of the tree. Not good. It also leans forward a lot with the heaviest top bed and the one screw holding it, seems inadequate for the job. The tree is not sturdy enough or heavy enough to support the top platform well. After a month or so with little use I have now taken it apart and made the top bed/platform into a bed that sits on the floor next to the tree and have removed the next highest platform so the tree now only has the barrel at the bottom and the next platform where I've put a cushion as it's hard (with flimsy edges that bend quite easily if pushed.) I also found the plush comes off much to easily, very bad quality clearly compared to other trees. Yet this tree is more expensive?! I will now order the much more sturdy and practical (and well loved) cat tree La Digue, wish I had not tried this tree at all, waste of time and money. The cats have still not used it even though it now sits next to a dresser so at least they can get on it if the wanted to...


Cats love it

I've only had this tree for a matter of hours but the boys already love it. It was easy to assemble, despite the cats already climbing all over it, and it seems sturdy enough. No problems for either of them getting to the top level and now one is tucked up asleep right at the top. Would definitely recommend.


Space saving, stylish and sturdy

I hesitated getting this as I wasn't convinced a tree with such a small footprint would be secure at the top being nearly two metres high. I shouldn't have worried. It's got a great robust build and my big Birman boy can pounce on the top without it wobbling. The two holes in the base are a bit too small for my cats but make a nifty place to stash their toys. I'll be buying another of these as I live in a converted apartment with lots of corners and high ceilings. It looks really stunning when placed next to the Natural Home III cat tree.

08/10/15 | LisaM

A winner

We had purchased a shorter cat tree for my kitten when we got her last December, but as we also got a puppy, she could also climb up and after a while my cat was getting a tad frustrated as she wanted her own space, so we purchased this one and it's absolutely perfect, the cat has lots of space and can have her own chill time, we also feed her on the high ledge too instead of on the kitchen surface, cause again the dog was helping herself to her food.

07/12/15 | Linda J Bussey

Best cat tree ever!

I have 11 mogsters who have been through many cat trees, this is by far the best! Really easy to put together and absolutely solid. The nest at the very top is a particular favourite. The other platforms are generously sized so the bigger puss cats can get nice and comfy without fear of falling off. It fits very neatly in the corner so it doesn't feel like a huge cat tree and doesn't look obtrusive at all


Multiple purchase

I had to encourage my cat to get to the top but ever since then that's where she resides. It's her grooming spot sleeping spot everything! She only comes down to visit and get food, water etc

06/10/15 | Missy

Must buy another!

This is my fourth cat tree and by far the best! Very sturdy and beautifully designed value for money I must buy another!!! Ordered on Saturday and arrived on Tuesday i recommend Zooplus to anyone that will listen.

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