05/09/18 | Maria
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Best Buy for our kittens

Of all the many things we have bought our kittens this is the Best Buy! They LOVE it and use it all the time. Great as a scratching post, beds to sleep in alone or together, a tunnel and tower to launch themselves up & down; a place to jump out and ambush each other. As you can see it provides hours of entertainment for ALL of us 😂😂😂 and it is well built and well priced. Will be getting another one for upstairs.
09/05/18 | Melanie
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Fantastic quality

This scratching barrel has massively exceeded my expectations! It's sturdy ,stable, looks good and more importantly my two cats adore it. Had it five months now and even with rough continual use it looks new.
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Only got this yesterday and I must say I'm very impressed, excellent value for money. One of my cats was on it and playing with it the minute it was out the box.
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So far so good

Only had this for 24 hours but so far both kittens love climbing on and playing in this. One in particular loves the balls at the entrance to the holes, hope they last.. Came home from work this morning and both kitties were napping on top so I think we can safely say it's a hit! Fingers crossed it saves my poor sofa! Also it's not as unattractive as other cat furniture and it fits in my scheme quite well.
11/04/17 | Deb Murphy
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Durable - even with 3 cats

i purchased one of these (XXL) from Zooplus over three years ago, and despite having 3 (2 large + 1 small) cats, it's stood the test of time and still looking good. The top (plush) section is slightly pulled where they jump up onto 'sundeck', otherwise the sisal has stayed intact. The top 'opening' is useful for stashing away toys and grooming tools. The deck is also a good height for grooming.
15/02/17 | Emily
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My ragdoll kitten loves his scratch barrel and spends loads of time charging at and diving in and out the holes. Hours of fun! Highly recommended!
05/02/17 | Emily
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Fab toy for active kittens

First played with and most loved toy by both my ragdoll kitten and me. Saves my furniture and he loves it especially when he has a crazy few mins ☺
25/01/17 | Linda Sitti
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5 out of my 6 cats absolutely love this, one has taken up permanent residence in the top hole! Very sturdy and well made. Really pleased with it. Thanks.
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Finally, a scratching surface they will use

Tried to get them to use scratching posts, but never interested. Much prefer the carpet or clambering up the side of the armchair... The barrel gives them something they can scratch and climb. They aren't that interested in the lower two 'floors'; but absolutely love the top bit for sleeping on and the top inner 'floor' for jumping into. The balls did not last long (one for just 12 hours). Quality is OK. The main sisal covered bit will last well I think (fur trim and dangling balls, not so much)
19/10/16 | Amanda
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21 cats say yesssss

Brilliant, sturdy and space saving, well worth the money
21/05/16 | Cat
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A big hit with the cat & saves the rug

My 1 year old cat loves this, scratches the sides and plays in the holes. Hasn't really sat on the top yet not sure his worked out he can.... Great buy good sturdy quality doesn't fall over when cat climbs up or toddlers have a go too!
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this is great for my cat

Good, stable construction. Cat hangs onto it to climb up with no stability issues. She only played in the holes a little bit, however they're a good addition. Bought this as she had outgrown her cat tree- they want an area to scratch where they can fully stretch upwards. This barrel is ideal as she can grab whichever way she wants and it's big enough to use all her body. Good price, fast delivery. No complains.