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Bought as a 2nd Cat Tree for Cattery

Built from bottom to top in approx. half hour. Very sturdy. Unfortunately my two large cats, haven't taken to it yet, they prefer the Rapunzel Cat tree which I purchased about a month ago.
18/09/14 | Chris Reid
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The tree is excellent and the cats love it and I would recommend it. However it was let down by the instructions and the way it's designed to be put together. If you do buy one make sure you "START ASSEMBLING IT THE TOP!" or you can't fit the top plinth. The screws are fixed in the "top posts" and not screwed in from above, which would the logical thing to do and be much simpler. Although the instructions did sort of indicate to start from the TOP, it was not obvious and could/should be much clearer. I started from the bottom which I think is the logical thing to do and judging by other reviews lots of other people did too. Problem is – all goes well until you come to fit the top plinth and there is no way to connect it because you can't turn the screws. Result is you have to waste your time taking it all apart and start again from the TOP. Assembling it this way is also much more awkward as you have to lay it on its side. Anyway hope this helps you not waste your time like me and many others seem to have done. Manufactures take note and either redesign to connect the top plinth with screws from the top or at least make the instructions more explicit with a big WARNING to start at the TOP! I showed your instructions to a few other people and asked how they would put it together and they all said start from the bottom.
25/04/14 | angela clements
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My cats favourite place!

Excellent except 2 years on and the pole with the round house has broken. It was wobbling like mad which made my cat nervous then one day fell off around the brown thing which screws into platform. Just wish it had been attached to main bed to make more sturdy! It would be great if base was made of natural wood rather than covered in fabric as very hard to keep clean if beige! My cat wouldn't swap it for the world!