26/01/18 | Aimee
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Great Purchase

My Cat gets through cat scratching poles like you wouldn't believe so thought I would get him something a bit more interesting this time and I'm not disappointed. Although he is still a bit wary of going onto the platforms he scratches away at the poles and plays with the little ball all the time. It looks really good, isn't too big, very sturdy and such a great price. Very happy and I have a very happy cat!
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tip top

My cat loves it! He spreads out like a big fluffy ball and jumps with a vengeance...in one word, bargain!
08/04/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Scratch post

We are very happy customers...speedy delivery, easy assembly, and both of our cats love the new cat tree...thank you very much... :)
03/04/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Frankly wonderful!

Our cat uses it every day. For his claws and well as his naps! After several months of use, it's still very robust.
01/04/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Great buy!

Very happy with my purchase, my little Patoune took to it very quickly. Very stable, very easy to assemble. The two platforms aren't huge but they're perfect for her, and the scratch post is almost too big for her claws. I thoroughly recommend it.
30/01/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Good purchase!

Great cat tree with really good value for money in my opinion. My pussy loves it, she plays with it every day and sharpens her claws. I bought it three months ago and it's still in great shape.
11/12/14 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Great, I'm reviewing just for those with rabbits

I bought the cat tree for our 3 rabbits. They regularly fight over it. The cave is very popular, as it has two exits. I had to get rid of the bit on top of the cave as they love sitting there. All in all: GREAT GREAT GREAT !
03/04/14 | Chantelle
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Great for my rabbits!

I bought this product for my rabbits, as they like to jump up high but need gradual steps because they aren't the best jumpers. They use it as steps onto the bed or just for fun and, unlike pet steps I have seen, each platform is wide enough for them to sit on and turn around. The cat even liked it too, especially the ball, but one of the bunnies chewed it off. One rabbit even chews and pulls on the rope. I hadn't expected the cat to like it, as he was so big, so that was an added bonus. I would recommend this to other rabbit owners and cat owners alike.
06/11/13 | Dympna
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Long Lasting

I got the cream version of this for my first cat four years ago and now 5 cats later it is still in full use. It has taken a lot of battering over the years but still looks great.One of my cats even likes to sleep in it even though she has the choice of some lovely dens !!
22/06/13 | Wendy
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A good buy !

I got this based on the good reviews it had. For the first few days my cat totally ignored it but now shes uses it a lot. We placed it by the window so she sits on the upper perch and watches out for us to come home. She also uses the scratching posts which are very sturdy. This is a great, value for money item.
19/03/13 | Ann
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My cat loves it!

This is a very sturdy cat tree. I was alarmed by its weight as I had it delivered to work...but it seems to handle my ever growing kitty's weight well and he loves jumping on it. Little ball on a string is really good, my cat is very excited chasing it. Very good value for money, indeed!
06/09/12 | Barbara Milligan
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Best Scratchie

My Kitty loves this scratchy climby post :) SHe does her claws on it daily & she loves to play & sleep on it. Its excellent value for money & doesnt take up loads of space yet has 2 posts & platforms :)
27/06/11 | Sarah
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Trixie Valencia cat tree

I bought this product for my new kitten to try to save the leather sofas the sort of bashing they got when my older cat was a baby. The kitten loves it & is always playing on it & scratching the posts, she also loves to sleep on the platforms. The only problem I have with it is that it is so popular my Jack Russel terrier spends all her time curled up in the sleeping cave at the bottom! I guess I will have to get one for her too!
28/01/11 | Jade
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Good cat tree

Good tree, nice design. Worth the money.
02/01/11 | Susan
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Very sturdy!

They play on this one more than they did the large one they had. Very sturdy and worth the money
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Excellent value

My kitten loves this cat tree. It was excellent value for money and delivery was VERY fast. It looks good and is very sturdy. Flo and I are very happy!!
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 2/5

The product was damaged

My cats really enjoyed the sleeping box, but otherwise it hasn't got much attention yet. Maybe after they get more used to it. However my product was damaged before the delivery. The product was broken thought the packages were undamaged. Due to this damage I can't attach the other cat pole firmly to te base, and it's likely the corner of the base will tear off.
15/03/10 | Susan
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Excellent choice -- in daily use

I bought one a few years ago and will soon need to replace it as it has been so well scratched. It lives in our kitchen by a radiator and our two cats use it every day, both to scratch (as well as the furniture, of course) and to sleep on, often both at the same time. It's been very sturdy despite the size of one of our felines -- I've only had to tighten the screws once so far -- and is by far the most successful of any cat tree we have ever owned.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

great for big cats

The item was easy to put together and my cat started playing with it straight away. I was worried that it might not be very stable as my BHS is quite chubby, but it is perfect. The delivery wasa bit slow but it was worth it as the previous post I had used to fall on the cat while he was scratching. overall, very good product, well made and great value for money.
05/11/08 | Maya Johnson
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Great tree took too long to grow

The cat tree is awesome and my kitten loves racing up and down it, falling off it chasing his tail and hiding in the den. It was very very easy to assemble and took minutes. My only gripe is it took far too long to arrive making the curtains the climbing frame of choice