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Fast growing grass

Grows fast and thick. I split one into two tubs to grow.
22/12/17 | Manolia Sfakianaki
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Very good

My cats eat it with appetite! It grows after 7 -10 days. It lasts for a reasonable period. I would say that until it grows enough I am a little afraid of giving it to one of my cats cause he likes pulling it,so i don't want him to swallow these hydro-granules.
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Grows Well

Grew well and fast, but i ended up transfering the grass into a large container, as it was spilling out from the top of the plastic tray and drying on top. After transfer though it grew very fast. Unfortunetly kitty only likes to paw at it and roll around it, no interest in eating or nibbling. It was a fun toy :)
16/04/11 | Natalie
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Gimpet Super Grass

Bought this for my half siamese/half bengal kitten. Watered it, put it on bathroom window sill and left room. Half hour later returned to find it all over the bathroom because my kitten clearly too impatient for it to grow. Scraped everything back in to the tub, added more water and fair play, it still grew fabulously. kitten loved chomping it & my house plants finally got a rest. Only given it a 4 though because gave some to my friend for his cat and she totally ignored it. Oh fickle cats!!
13/09/10 | Clare
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Super easy to grow!!

Super easy to grow and within a week the grass was about 6 inches long! It's practically maintenance free. Just water it once, leave it a few days, water again and bingo! My only complaint is the fact that it's so messy. The crystals expand the the 'soil' spills out all over the top. Will buy again but will transfer into a slightly larger tray next time to prevent this. Overall, very happy with this product!