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It smells great, all the kitties I've had love it, I've always bought this Royal Canin Milk. I've never had any issues with constipation and keeps them purring. It comes with 3 sachets of milk with a small spoon for measuring it out, 3 or 4 teats and very clear instructions. It is a bit more expensive than other milks but it's worth it, you can tell the difference and your kitten will thank you too. It's only for a few months that you have go give them milk. 100% recommended
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06/11/18 | Mia
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My cats go nuts for this milk

I bought the babycat milk powder for my adopted kittens, as one of them was only 8 weeks when I got him. He was properly weaned, but I though giving him some kitten milk would help him settling in. Both kittens love it, and go crazy every night around milk time.
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Best one on the market

I run a cat rescue and during kitten season if we have to bottle feed or supplement mums milk then this is our product of choice. Other kitten milk formula products may be available to buy but for me this represents best value for money whilst remaining a top quality product. Other products do not seem to be as good a quality as this type.
30/10/16 | Lil
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Thank you

My girl had a litter of 5 beautiful little ragdolls, when 1 passed away on day 3 we came to realise they weren't getting enough milk... I bottle fed the remaining 4 with this and they are now a month old and way ahead of their weight and abilities according to the ragdoll pedigree development chart! Happy little porkers
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My Kittens

I have used this milk to supplement feed some of my litter of 9 babies,they all love it Patricia
18/08/13 | Ruthie
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This milk saved my kittens life! After my young cat had her first litter she was struggling to cope. I helped her out with this milk and 1 has survived. I am keeping going with the milk till he no longer needs it. And mum likes it too :)