09/07/18 | Lucy Beaghen

Easy to bite and liked by all

I bought these as two of my cats are mature and love feringa bix but, like me, love new things! My ginger boy has just has a full tooth overall and one out and these are the only bix he will eat as they crunch easily and are small and easy to pick up with his delicate mouth. He has also had a infected rat bite on his jaw which has left him not eating but he chose these so ordering more soon.

08/01/18 | Socio

The Feringa Quality

One of the best brands out there for grain-free good quality cat food that’s not ridiculously priced. This particular flavour is great if your cat is allergic to poultry like mine. Also this 6,5 kg bag will last for months for an indoor cat. The bed is alright, although quite thin and can fit a cat up to 5 kg confortably.