My cat loves these, wants one after another and eats like his never done before. My cat does not like hard food so i will try something different for my cat, I might mix these with it and maybe it would start eating hard food.

These and no others

As soon as I touch the packet my cats are standing at attention - their favourite treat
07/24/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

They're nuts about them!

I use these to fill those intelligence games for my cats. They totally love Dreamies.
04/23/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Justus and Hermine

Both of my cats love the Dreamies. They react as soon as they hear the bag rustling.
02/08/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Salmon = catisfied

Frimousse, who only eats one certain packet of treats, tried them and wolfed them down. My 3 year old Jewel crunched them easiily, and Chipette eats them greedily. My 3 cats worship these salmon treats.
01/29/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

A dream for cats

Our cat would do anything for his cherished Dreamies. Even our fussy Luna loves these little snacks. Not sure what I would do for treats without these.
01/29/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

A dream for cats

Our cat will do anything for one of these Dreamies ☺ Even our picky Luna love these little treats. An essential in the cupboard now.
01/11/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

People say you can't teach cats anything? As if!

I've taught my cat to lick my earlobes using these treats. Now every time I whistle he knows what to do.
01/11/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Who says you can't train cats?

With these treats I have managed to teach my cat to come and collect some Dreamies whenever I whistle. As a thank you, he nuzzles my ear.

How to find the cat?

I called her from the terrace - no effect. I shook the packet around for 10 seconds and she came running :D

Dreamies cats love

My Kitten comes running when she heres the bag. Her coat is amazing and keeps her teeth clean. she proberly as more than twenty a day. need to bring in more flavours. Really good price.
05/08/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr


My two cats love them! Super
10/20/13 | Karen


My cat stalks the cupboard where they are kept and has even chewed through the bag . She loves them
08/03/13 | Sara Herrera

Love em

My cat loves those! But again... he loves all sort of snacks haha!
01/17/13 | Lizzy

Wonderbar! or perhaps Miaouw.................

My 2 siamese cats absolutely adore these treats. They are very fussy and turn their cute little noses up at any other brand of treat! Cheese is their favourite, however any of the other flavours are also eagerly devoured. Highly recommended!
01/05/13 | LP

cats just love these

I have tried my two Siamese cats on all sorts of cat treats. They are very picky eaters but they love these. As soon as I open the cupboard they are there begging for them. They have even stole them out of the cupboard themself before. I am not sure how ggod they are for cats but they love them. I always have a couple of packets in for my cats,
12/09/12 | Fiona

Cats adore Dreamies

My two chinchilla cats absolutely love all flavours of Dreamies. As the ad says shake the packet and they come racing towards you. I am also a cat sitter and I've yet to find a cat who doesn't like them.
09/07/12 | Boingy


Dreamers are the best thing thats happened to my cat since the cat next door
09/06/12 | Christine Gengelbach

Posh Paws of Albir!

WOULD wreck the place to get to them! Can,t find them often in Spain so my 3 persians rely on pressies from the Uk or Germany!
09/06/12 | Janis

My Devon Rexes LOVE These!

Dreamies are my Rexes absolute favourite! Chicken and duck for my queen and my boy loves all flavours fortunately they are only 2 calories a treat! Incidentally not all treats are suitable for kittens but Dreamies are! My kittens always leave with some and yes they are 'worth it'!!!

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