16/04/18 | Sue
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Very good quality

My dog, who is a picky eater, really likes this food so I’m staying with it for now. It looks and smells really good quality, it is meat and nothing else except for essential vitamins, and I am happy to know it is produced to high (Swedish) welfare standards. The large tins are convenient when you have a bigger dog, and it is reasonable value for money.
03/12/15 | Sue
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My dog loves it!

Gets excited as soon as i open the cupboard- was getting no pleasure out of this dry food- mix half a can in with his biscuits and sit and watch him enjoy every morsel
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Smokey's favourite

My 16 year old German Shepherd, who has delicate tummy, LOVES this food, particular favourite is salmon. Plus it seems to be well sourced.
02/05/15 | Theresa
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Dogs love it

6 dogs all of who love it, bowls always empty,good price, better ingredients then a lot of other meats. Fussy older dog also really likes this food too. Even licks the other dog's bowls out too. Would reccomend.
24/10/14 | Lyn
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Fussy Lappie foiled

Our ten month old Finnish Lapphund has always been a finicky eater and it was becoming a battle to see what would tempt him. So I thought his original role in life was reindeer herder get some dry food with reindeer in and this canned food to match! He loves it I mix it a bit and he actually drools over his dinner and eats the lot! Yay. Glad I found it ! He seems happier too.
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Dogs adore it

I got the tripe flavour. I have a japanese akita inu and a rottweiler mix dogs. Both are very picky and slow eaters. They've been on this for a few days now and rush to the bowl as soon as I put it on the floor, eat it in about 2 seconds and then both push their bowls around the floor with their nose! I've never seen them seem this happy about food before, they lick all the floor around the bowl to make sure they haven't missed any, they're like addicts! Would definitely recommend this food. My dogs are usually on good quality dry food as it works out cheaper, but these are going to be used for when in a rush and I can't be bothered to wait for their slow eating of the dry. Would use this as a main food but with the size of my dogs and amount they'd need to eat it would cost way too much
30/04/13 | Patty Harris
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Happy dogs

My border collies just adore this food, since feeding this they have never failed to eat it all, they have sensitive tummies but this never upsets them. Worth every penny!
20/03/13 | Stibule
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Very tasty, obviously!

My labradoodle has a poodle-like appetite, and quickly goes off food if it's offered too regularly. She loves this though and it mixes really nicely into her dried food. Very pleased with our discovery!
29/04/11 | Angela
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My dogs love this

My 5 adult dogs love this food. Admittedly, they're very greedy and eat most things, but I find that their coats have really improved through eating this food. Looks nice to humans too and you feel you're giving your dog(s)good nutrition with Bozita food.
10/03/11 | Emily
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Cocker Spaniel loves it

My working cocker spaniel wouldnt touch her James Wellbeloved biscuits we started her on (have a lab who loves JWB) she would turn her nose up. put her on Bozita as was recommended by my pet shop she absolutly loves it looks really healthy and started to put some weight on. no stomach upsets! her fav are lamb and rice and beef and rice. cant wait till she is one and i will try bozita performance. very pleased with this brand. high quality sweedish dog food.
30/01/11 | Bev
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Bozita canned food

I bought this for my fuzzy German Shepherd. She also loved this meat. Licked the bowel, looked forward to meals. The meat is fresh, smells nice and my dog enjoyed it. I would have kept on buying the tins for her if they were a little cheaper. Great dog food, highly recommend.
29/01/10 | HJD
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Unless you prepare your dog's food from scratch, this is the best quality food you can get for your pet.