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I always found it difficult to spend so much money on canned food with exorbitant amounts of gelatin and poor quality of ingredients. I had started cooking meat and veggies for him myself, but I must say that these boxes have struck me as there is no kind of gelatine or unnecessary additions of other crap and they even have a pleasant smell ! My boxer, who is normally quite picky goes crazy and I know exactly what I feed him ... not bad ! :) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
16/01/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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My puggy loves it

The best food for pugs full stop. I woudl recommend it to anyone out there..!! We have already tried several other foods but this is by far the best, especially for dogs with sensitive tummies. It has no grains. We never buy anything else anymore! :-)
15/01/15 | Chocklab
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This food is excellent, and I love the fact that animals are treated humanely (very important to me). Being organic, there are no nasty fillers or additives, and the food looks and smells wholesome and appetising. My dog has half kibble and half Hermanns organic menu. She LOVES it, and (although a greedy labrador!) she's scavenging a lot less nowadays! :) Her life-long itching and scratching problem also seems to have disappeared. Hooray!
30/04/13 | Elle
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Good Food, Great Ethos.

My dogs adore this company's Turkey with Fruit & Vegetables menu and I adore the brand's tag line: "…love for animals is not limited to dogs." This reference to the humane way the organic meat is raised and slaughtered makes this food the perfect combination of ethos and quality. My only quibble is that I would prefer a higher percentage of meat. My preference would be nearer 70% meat over the current 50% on offer. It's an alteration to the recipe I'd be willing to pay for. Overall: Good job!
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Superb food

I have tried many foods for my dogs over the years. They all start on Purina pro Plan puppy food for the first 18 months. I have tried the barf diet and Nature diet and others, but now I have found the best combination for my 5 dogs: 2 golden retrievers, 1 black lab puppy & 2 rough collies.I feed them 150 grams of Purina Pro Plan chicken and rice with a tablespoon of this wonderful wet food mixed in. Why am I so happy with this? I look at the proof: Firstly, they all adore it. I think if a dog isn't eating it's either because they are unwell (or have dental problems or are stressed & unhappy)or that they just don't like the food. My healthy collies loathed Orijen, but they are crazy about the Pro plan and this wet food. I thought they were just not very hungry in the mornings before feeding this. Apart from their enthusiasm, the other proof is their poo. On other food they were either loose,(however gradually introduced) or their stools were large, soft and quite light in colour. Now they are firmer, well-formed, dark and much smaller and much less smelly; in fact exactly how they should be. I have noticed an increase in their energy levels and there are no nasty whiffs in the evening! I recommend this food without reservation.
26/01/10 | Deborah
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Turkey with fruit and veg reviewed only

This is another of probably the best wet foods available in the UK if you want to avoid too much carb (rice) and starchy veg (potato). Just meat and fruit/basic veg. Quite dry (as surprisingly little water content). Mixed with tepid water to make a little gravy.

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