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I always found it difficult to spend so much money on canned food with exorbitant amounts of gelatin and poor quality of ingredients. I had started cooking meat and veggies for him myself, but I must say that these boxes have struck me as there is no kind of gelatine or unnecessary additions of other crap and they even have a pleasant smell ! My boxer, who is normally quite picky goes crazy and I know exactly what I feed him ... not bad ! :) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
16/01/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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My puggy loves it

The best food for pugs full stop. I woudl recommend it to anyone out there..!! We have already tried several other foods but this is by far the best, especially for dogs with sensitive tummies. It has no grains. We never buy anything else anymore! :-)
15/01/15 | Chocklab
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This food is excellent, and I love the fact that animals are treated humanely (very important to me). Being organic, there are no nasty fillers or additives, and the food looks and smells wholesome and appetising. My dog has half kibble and half Hermanns organic menu. She LOVES it, and (although a greedy labrador!) she's scavenging a lot less nowadays! :) Her life-long itching and scratching problem also seems to have disappeared. Hooray!