03/20/18 | originally published in zooplus.de

Strongly recommend!

Our dog loved the veal hearts. Good recipe, a great change!
03/19/18 | originally published in zooplus.de


I discovered this product and found the ingredients and recipe to be really healthy, and our sheepdog loved it. Would get it again. However, our dog loves all of the other Lukullus varieties too!
07/26/14 | Nina

Great food

My standard poodles love this Freddy and Oscar will be 2 this September they are fit healthy and very happy . I feed them this along side their Arden Grange dry food
06/10/14 | PAM CUMMINGS


Both my dog love this because it tastes and smells amazing. I love it because it is high in meat content which is so hard to find as most manufactures have very little meat but loads of water and derivatives so all in all we are all very happy..

excellant product

My dogs love this food I mix it with the lukullus dried. I have been breeding dogs for many years and have tried lots of different foods which have suited some and not others but they all enjoy this food and I have empty bowls every time. The delivery and price is great from zooplus
09/07/12 | Liz

Lukullus summer menu: Tender chicken

When my greyhound went off his usual wet food I needed to get something to replace it. My dog has a very sensitive tummy so it can be hard to find foods for him. This tinned food contains very little else but chicken and rice and turned out to be ideal for him, it even smells good and he loves it. Will definetly be buying this again and will try the other flavours too.
09/06/12 | JM


Another great menu from Lukullus! My dogs love all of the varietys we have tried all the basic menu selection, and this ones another hit! It really smells good and they like the texture, as its not lumpy and tough as some can be. I would recommend this to people with fussy dogs, as the varied flavours cover all palates. I do however wish the fat content was listed for all the Lukullus tins, as one of my dogs has to be kept on low fat, and as they are few low fat dog foods out there to choose from its a bit hit and miss as to what i dare to give him, so Zooplus, do you think this could be done, as i am sure i am not the only one to find this problem and this is rather sad for my little dog as he has to watch the others eat this great appetising food while he cant as i dont know the fat content. Great food though, and one i will stick with in the regulars i buy, they love it!
09/06/12 | Liz

Lukullus summer menu: Tender chicken

I used to feed my greyhound naturediet but he has gone off it so I needed to change his diet. He has a sensitive tum so it is not easy finding food for him. Also I wanted to feed him a good quality food and this canned food seems to fit the bill.Lukullus tinned food only contains a few ingredients and this one mainly contains chicken and rice which is perfect for my dog. My dog really loves it and it evens smells really nice! Will definetly be buying this again for him.

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