16/08/17 | Margaret
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Lamb Rice and vegatables. Great!

My dogs - One big labrador and two cockerpoos - all get reactions to foods with jelly in and always have upset tummies .... So far, Rocco lamb, vegtables and rice hasnt had the dreaded jelly or a thick layer of fat laying on the bottom of the tin. Hope it stays this way as thats the way my dog loves it.
14/08/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Delicious food!

My lhasa, usually very suspicious and difficult about any canned food, throws himself on this and doesn't leave anything. It's not a shapeless pate, you can see the pieces of meat and veg, and it smells very good even to a human nose! I will be buying it again.
05/11/10 | Jutta
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they love it

We ordered Rocco for the first time and I'm pleased with price and quality - my dogs too ;)
24/03/10 | Alister
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Very pleased with this food. Ordered the chicken and beef and both are far superior to any dog food I've seen in the UK. Good, solid, with a proper meaty texture (almost tempted to eat it myself if I was really hungry!). My whippet who is normally quite a fussy eater really wolfs this down. Great to see a product that is extremely reasonably priced with good ingredients - none of this "various sugars" added that you see with so many other canned food. Will be buying this from now on. Well done zooplus!