29/03/21 | Maxime
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So cute!

At first my cat was a little wary of this bed but now he loves it! He really loves the little star toy that comes with it. He's currently snoozing in his cozy bed! The bed itself is super plush and comfortable. Excellent quality. Would highly recommend!
07/12/20 | Richard
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Gorgeous. Super soft, spacious, deep and the colours are so bright.Broke into a full on grin when I got it. It's beautifully made and durable. The reversible cool/warm cushion makes it good for all weathers.The bed has a solid grip on surfaces. The smiley star is so cute. It's brilliant value for such a quality product. My cat adores this bed, it's his number one choice every time .I have to excavate him from it - sometimes even for meals.Enough said..
13/11/20 | Richard
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Wasn't expecting to be surprised but I am. Large, generously filled, super soft, wide, deep,very well made and durable. It looks great and the colours are vibrant.The double sided cushioned base is a great idea, so there's a cooler option for summertime . My boy took to the bed immediately and almost disappeared from view as he sunk into the softness. I had to excavate him when it was dinner time, he jumped right back in after food and purred himself to sleep. Buy it!
13/11/19 | Tracy
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Happy cat

Cat loves this bed. She's in it every morning when I check on her!
18/04/19 | Pyxxel
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So good I bought another one

This bed is just adorable. The cushion in the centre is turnable with a warmer and a cooler side. It keeps the shape after a wash too, and has lasted some gnawing puppy teeth as well, and still looks great after 3 years use. We got a second one for our second Jack Russel so there's no fighting over it! Our dogs are 6.7 and 5 kg and the beds are perfect in size for them.
31/10/18 | Leigh Bethune
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Best purchase ever

My cat Ivy is going on 7 and she’s never been interested either sleeping in or on anything I’ve bought her before. With her birthday coming up I saw this and thought it looked adorable and would give it one last chance for Ivy to have her own special bed. Since it arrived yesterday she’s never been out it, it’s wider than it looks which is great as she’s becoming a little Buddha. I would 100% recommend this bed to anyone who has a cat even a fussy one like ours.
20/04/18 | Maddi
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Excellent for large cats

Fantastic bed, good quality and my 7kg cat fits on with room to spare!
25/03/18 | Natalie Porter
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Just Gorgeous!

Just gorgeous - really well made, so cosy and the little star cushion is just adorable
30/01/17 | Abi
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Star Buy!

I bought this half expecting my cats to ignore it like they do most things, but they love this bed and sleep in it for most of the day and night. It's so well made - the fabric is very soft and great quality. It's a little smaller than expected but just about fits my two cats in. It looks lovely in the home, too
21/07/15 | Liz
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Really cozy

When I bought this snuggle bed for my new puppy mini Schnauzer I had 2 adult mini Schnauzers as well. All Three dogs wanted to sleep in it as it's so cozy snd soft. As soon as one dog got out of it another one would claim it - even the adult dogs absolutely love it. I have washed it a lot of times and it has kept it's shape and has not faded. It's an exceptionally sturdy little bed and much better than some more expensive ones I've bought. I think I will have to buy a second one to keep both doggies happy!
30/09/14 | Julia
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Over the moon!

Arrived today by Yodel with no problems. One very happy dog! Not as wide as I'd thought but Poppy fits in "snugglely". The material is so soft with reversible cushion and it is padded well, get your money's worth of stuffing which looks pretty comfy. Bonus of a star cushion found in package too which I stitched on the other end because it would have gotten eaten otherwise. Poppy is delighted!!
08/06/14 | Maria Freeman
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snuggle bed moon

I purchased this snuggle bed moon quite a while ago,and i must say what a fantastic product,for my kittens i have had 7 at a time sleeping snuggled up together it has lasted many litters of kittens and is very durable as it has seen my washing machine many times and still it is in excellent condition,i would recommend this to anyone
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Biggles again.........

My lucky day or what ? I spent so much time in my new bed , Mum has bought another the same :) , one upstairs , one down now , yippee ! Biggles the Yorkie X
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Yes !!!

" I love my new bed , the best thing my Mum has bought me since a big scary puppy ~ an Airedale called Flight (Lieutenant) to keep me in order . There is even room for my favourite blankie too " 10/10 From Biggles the Yorkie
20/11/12 | Olive
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Amazing bed

I bought this bed for my puppy, on the sheer fact that it is an adorable design. It arrived quickly and it is wonderful. It is robust enough to stand alone and ultra soft. There is also room in the base to add extra cushion so you can make it last longer, or simply make it more comfy for your dog. An excellent product.
09/02/12 | sdasdsad
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