24/01/17 | Patricia D'Arcy
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After reading about so many beds and reading all the different reviews I finally settled for the Cosy Mocca Dog Bed. I opened the package and my dog was in it before I had time to put the mattress in. She is still there as I write. I think that says it all. Only had for the day but it seems the perfect purchase. Would recommend ....at least I should say my dog does...and that's what counts
06/01/16 | Joanne Anderson
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Very comfy!

Thor is a Very Large dog, a cross of Labradoodle and German Shepherd and the Extra Large size is perfect for him. He is very happy sleeping in it. My smaller dog Jess, also uses it but so far they havent shared it!
16/12/15 | Dawn Martindale
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Best dog bed ever bought

So pleased with this bed - read all the other reviews and was a bit sceptical - could it really be this good? It truly is. Our two Golden Retrievers Willow (6) and Daisy (6 months) love it and they look so comfortable in it.
18/10/15 | Peter
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

My Greyhound loves it

Excellent bed, delivery was prompt. I am pleased that it is washable. The most important thing is, my Greyhound loves it!
27/09/15 | Caitlyn
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Can anyone answer this question ?

I was wondering if anyone uses this for there adult German Shepard. Our dog is growing out of his current one and I'm desperately trying to find a big enough bed for him to be cosy.
02/02/15 | Susie B
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One of the best dog beds I've had. My 3 Labs all try to snuggle up in it. 8 month old pup usually wins.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Very cosy!

Great quality bed which our dog absolutely loves - he hasn't moved yet since it arrived this morning and that's unheard of! Arrived really quickly too - can highly recommend this company and especially this bed 😊
14/02/14 | Wendy. V
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brilliant Bed

We bought it as a Christmas present for our doberman, she is pretty big for a girl, I got her the 2nd largest size, so she can spead out or curl up. She totally loves it, spends most of the day in it & even disappears of an evening to lay in it. I searched everywhere for one like this, & only found what I was looking for on this site. The cushion is washable as is the outer cover as it all unzips - perfect; exactly what I wanted, it's also well made, Very easy to transport, & an excellent design, Really great bed, thank you.
09/02/14 | SammyD
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Absolutely best bed ever!

Wow, what an amazingly comfy and cozy bed! We bought it for our hungarian vizsla, who as soon as the bed had arrived and was out of the wrapping immediately snuggled down into it and had to be coaxed out! We bought the medium size bed, which actually looks big enough for 2 and she loves lying down in it and resting her head on the side. It is so easy to zip the cover off and both the outer cover and the cushion wash up lovely. Some visiting family were so impressed with it that they immediately bought one for their dog too. We've had it about 6 months now and it still looks in great condition. Would definitely recommend it to others and we will certainly buy it again when it is time for replacing.
06/02/14 | Sue, Berkshire
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

My second one - best bed ever!

I have just had a second one of these delivered. The first one is still going strong after several years but my dog sometimes stays at my mother's so I have left the first one there. My dog absolutely loves these beds and was trying to climb into the new one before I'd even got the packaging off. She much prefers this bed to a more expensive memory foam bed I ordered for her recently. The only thing I would say is that the cushion of the old bed went flat and lumpy with repeated washing, but I bought a plump oval shaped cushion to replace it (the kind that goes in the hard plastic dog beds) and it fits perfectly and makes the bed cosier than ever. Overall an excellent bed and great value at the price.
04/03/13 | Nessa K
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The best dog bed ever!

I am so delighted with this dog bed. It is beautifully made, looks beautiful and holds it shape perfectly. We bought the largest size for our Rhodesian Ridgeback and she LOVES it. She can spread out or curl up. I had seen the design before but never in a size that would accomodate her so we were very impressed to be able to purchase one for her. Delivery was fast, very well packaged and Lottie loved her treat, thank you so much! We will purchase another soon for upstairs. Also delighted to tell others too. Thank you for great service.
31/10/12 | Jan W
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Cosy and comfy

Just got the medium size for my black lab, Sam, who is 13 and a half. He led alongside it initially as he didn't realise it was for him! Now he loves it. He's got plenty of room in it (although he's not a big lab) and spent his first night cwtched up in it. He didn't wake us up at 6am like he usually does so obviously slept soundly. It's good to see him so comfortable.
29/10/12 | Faith Bowman
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

still loving it!

I wrote a review for this bed 18 months ago and I'm still totally happy with it. The original bed is still going strong and our old Retriever girl, now 14.5 years is still enjoying it- its hard to get her out of it in the mornings, she's so comfy ! We now have another young Retriever and he nips in and claims the bed whenever he can so he's now getting one of his own. With the wear and tear this bed gets from our 4 dogs, its still looking good. I would highly recommend it and I'm delighted to be getting another with my Zooplus points - bargain!
07/09/12 | Linipoos
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Extremely comfy

I bought this for my dog because he prefers to have a bed that snuggles around him and has a gentle raised area to rest his head like a pillow. The only down side to this bed is that it got grubby straight away and stained. My dog uses this during the day and evening after 2 walks. The cushion in the bed comes out and is easily shaken. I am giving this bed, despite how easily it marks, 5 stars because my dog loves it.
06/09/12 | Karen
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Fave Dog Bed - Best Ever !

My two large dogs (Weimaraner + Labrador) LOVE this bed - it's massive but squashy. It's their 'sitting-room' bed so when we're sitting down they positively run and dive into it and then rarely a peep out of them. Thinking of ordering another for travelling. Easy to wash too.
30/03/12 | Emma
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Luxury for my labx!

I went for the 115cm and it's IMMENSE, my labrador lolls around in it for hours, can stretch out her full length and sleeps so much more deeply than in her old bed. 4 months of use and base still feels nice and padded, the sides are enormous too, I can barely fit it in my bedroom! Worth every penny A++
23/01/12 | Ken Geggus
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Staffi Slumbers

Wow, what a bed. I never normally believe reviews but in this case it is true! We have a Staffi X and plumped for the large size, and it is large. My wife said we will now have to get another dog to fill it. 'Hitch' watched me unpack it and as soon as i placed it on the floor (3 hours ago) he was in it and has hardly moved. He looks so comfortable i think i will join him. Great.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Best bed ever

I thought the reviews might be a bit over the top but they are very accurate. Since we bought it our collie cross has hardly left it - she loves it and looks so cozy. The medium is more than ample for a 19kg dog and i am so pleased with the service and quality.
25/08/11 | Alison Burton
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Bliss !

I ordered this as a replacement for our 16 year old staffy's doughnut bed & she seems to love it already ! It was delivered promptly & I am very pleased with the luxurious squashy cushions,which will give a lot of comfort for her poor arthritic legs ! good value for money compared to anything I have seen in pet stores & would highly recommend
04/07/11 | faith bowman
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its never empty!

I got this bed in the medium size with my reward points from Zooplus. Its really big and roomy and nicely padded. The sides are firm enough to support a dogs head. I have 2 Golden Retrievers and a Cocker Spaniel and they all love the bed. My old girl Retriever is 13.5 years and she stretches out full length and goes into such a deep sleep, I have to check to make sure she's still alive! lol When she's not in it, one of the others jump in. I am very pleased with it and will no doubt get another soon.