08/16/18 | Ray Wright

Don't know what the problem is!

I bought this for my Lurcher cross Deerhound do not a lightweight dog. Can't understand why some have criticised it for being "thin" or having " poor quality paintwork". As for the wrong bowl retainers being female and not male, try taking the fitting off and reversing it!! Mine stands sturdy and holds the bowls firmly. If someone wants all stainless steel then they must be prepared to pay a lot more!

01/15/17 | Katarzyna

Good but not perfect

It's great for my dog French Mastiff he is big boy, but the grey thing on it after wet it's descent and looks very rusty


Reasonably happy with this

I bought this stand for my 11 year old Setter who has developed mega-esophagus and now needs to eat from a height. I ordered the medium sized version which is a perfect fit for a Setter sized dog. My only criticism is, that the stand is very light-weight. Heavier metal would make it much sturdier; there would be less danger of it tipping over.

01/10/16 | Harper

Great but not perfect

Sturdy enough for a boisterous Newfie pup and will 'grow' with her. However you can't fill the bowl to the top with water as you need to tilt the bowl to place it on the stand. Other than that very pleased with my purchase and well worth the money.

01/04/16 | mary chansing

I like it!

I like it so much! I want to buy it for my lovely dog. I read a lot information about pet bowls. I saw a good review at the topreviews.best and now I can make my choice and I know what features are most important.


Pretty good

Bought this product almost a year ago and still looks great ans serves it's purpose. It could be a bit more sturdy.