26/06/18 | Petra
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I usually feed my cats three separate meals a day, but bought this for weekends away or holidays so I can be sure they are not hungry. As it holds large amount of food which is always available both cats and me were satisfied.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Great product

That's a lovely product with amazing price, well worth it.
07/07/17 | John Hamnett
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Water bottle can be problematic.

Filling the food container was a breeze, you can either take the food container off or fill it in place. if you remove the food container to fill it, don't forget to close the cover over the chute opening so the food does not drop out, once you have the food container back in place you can open the chute cover so as much or as little as needed to feed your cat. When selecting a water bottle, try using 500ml or 1lt bottles as these seem to be more rigid than the 2lt bottles, also before trying to attach the bottles make sure you remove all remaining parts of the cap as this can prevent the bottle from screwing into the water dish/tray. All in all, i love this feeder but I do wish I'd used a smaller bottle first...
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Found the perfect water bottle!

Love this item and luckily the water bottles I use from ASDA screw in perfectly! These are Asda Eden Falls 1 litre sports cap! Not had any problems with the dry falling into the water so far!!!
29/02/16 | Tricia palmer
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Excellent product

Love this product having read the reviews, Pepsi Max bottle suits this to a t, and it locks on. So feels secure. Definitely be ordering more
26/07/15 | Liz Lynch
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Found a bottle that fits perfect

I was a bit sceptable about this as id read so many people couldn't find a bottle that fitted, the sprite 500 ml fits perfect, fill it up with fresh water, screw grey holder onto it and turn it upright, lasts all day for my 5 cats, brilliant, and i get 4 days out of the food container. Makes life alot easier.
23/06/15 | TinaBeana
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Like it

Originally brought this so my cats didn't go hungry while I was camping for a few days. It did its job so well its now in permanent use :) The only downside for me is that one of my cats somehow manages to get dry food into the water bowl and then they refuse to drink it so I still have to have a separate water bowl. But as suggested below I might start using it for wet food. For the price you cant go wrong
10/12/13 | Jill
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Practical addition to your house hold with pet

This is a great time and will make your life much easier. I have three cats so this is really practical. However the food container does not have a capacity for 5 liters as indicated in the specification. A bit disappointing as I already have a dispenser and bought this one to have a bigger one. However I will keep it as it will come in useful.
21/03/13 | Yvonne
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I love it ! easy to put together, I have two cats Im at work all day I know they will never go hungry
11/09/12 | Rachel
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Brilliant concept Cats love it

Got two for a multicat household and all of the cats love it fill it up once per week and use the portion control would highly recommend if out of the hose for long periods.
19/01/12 | Sue
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My cat loves it...

She likes to help herself whenever she wants, and this suits her very well. It saves me the worry of having to remember meal times too. I must admit it does look a bit funny though, as, when I bought this, I only had an empty cider bottle to hand....and it's still attached to it to this day....looks like I have an alcoholic cat!!!
05/10/11 | Mel
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Not hugely impressed with this, though the idea is sound in principle, in reality the food doesn't fall through, I have to check every day and scoop the food forward. I think the problem is either the slope or the bowl itself is just not big enough. Either way my two cats have never used the water bowl. Just too small I think overall.
03/09/11 | Julie
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This is a great feeder. My two Ragdolls have bowls of biscuits and water all over the house but my lady has lost weight so I have to persuade her to eat. Now she has this lovely feeder and water bowl right next to her beanbag where she spends most of her time. She is now gaining weight, so she'll have to go on a diet soon.
09/03/11 | Hannah
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Brilliant product, well worth the money!

I ordered this for my 4 indoor cats because I wanted to make sure they had a constant supply of fresh food and water available at all times. The product itself is simple but very effective - my cats started using it straight away. I recommend using quite a thick, sturdy plastic bottle like a pepsi bottle for the water dispenser - at first I tried a rather thin supermarket value cherryade bottle and when I tipped it the right way up the vacuum of the water flowing into the dish caused the bottle to buckle and fold inwards, so the water overflowed and went everywhere! Using a more sturdy bottle that doesn't buckle easily has solved the problem - you will also need to cut off the plastic collar around the neck of the bottle to get a good fit into the base of the water dispenser. Overall I'm very pleased with the product and have recommended it to my friend who also has several cats.
21/02/11 | Paula
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Which bottle??

I like this feeder - I have four indoor cats and the roomy food compartment means that they never go hungry. My gripe is with the water dish - why did it not come with a bottle? I have tried numerous different plastic bottles and still have not found one that will fit. I have to refill the water several times per day.
23/10/10 | Dilly
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problem solved

This is great it's stopped my kitties from soaking their dry food.The partition keeps the water and food separate and you can remove the water section so easily to wash and replenish. It's very well designed sturdy and functional, they thought of everything.
25/08/10 | Argyll Giant Rabbits
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Excellent food and water dish for rabbits.

I love this dish. It is nice and big and a large "energy drink" plastic bottle fits great for the water dispenser. The bottle screws into place so it wont fall or get knocked over.The food can easily be topped up from the lid on top and a small partition between the food tray and water tray means that each stay where they are meant to. I breed LARGE continental giant rabbits and was using bowls before for the food but the rabbits would knock the bowls over or sit in them. With the Duo-max they waste less food and the hutch is cleaner.I have 7 rabbits (mum and kittens) eating from this new dish and the food stays clean and fresh without being spilled all over the place. This is an excellent item and I would highly recommend it to anyone. From a very happy shopper at argyllgiantrabbits.co.uk Well done Zooplus !!!!
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So happy I dont have to give my cat food everyday, he gets it fresh and automatically from the feeding container, I give him new water every 2 weeks, this product is soooo great love it.
30/09/09 | Elizabeth
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Great lifesaver

This is perfect for my 2cats,I have been looking for something like that for ages!Now we can go away for 1week and I know they will have water and food!the whole time! No more need to ask ppl to come and feed then when you are away.Also I like the fact that I change bottle size for water.When I am at home it's easy to refill and change the 300ml bottle. Enjoy it!
05/08/09 | Claude Shields
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a dry kitchen floor at last

My Cairn is a compulsive upender of water bowls, and the Doo Max food and water dispenser is the only affordable dispenser that has defeated her. She has tried, as numerous tooth marks testify, but the Duo Max has won. I cannot attach a bottle, though, or she will grab it and dismantle the unit, so I need to refill the water side regularly. No more flooded kitchen. Yippee!