07/07/17 | John Hamnett
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Water bottle can be problematic.

Filling the food container was a breeze, you can either take the food container off or fill it in place. if you remove the food container to fill it, don't forget to close the cover over the chute opening so the food does not drop out, once you have the food container back in place you can open the chute cover so as much or as little as needed to feed your cat. When selecting a water bottle, try using 500ml or 1lt bottles as these seem to be more rigid than the 2lt bottles, also before trying to attach the bottles make sure you remove all remaining parts of the cap as this can prevent the bottle from screwing into the water dish/tray. All in all, i love this feeder but I do wish I'd used a smaller bottle first...
10/12/13 | Jill
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Practical addition to your house hold with pet

This is a great time and will make your life much easier. I have three cats so this is really practical. However the food container does not have a capacity for 5 liters as indicated in the specification. A bit disappointing as I already have a dispenser and bought this one to have a bigger one. However I will keep it as it will come in useful.
30/09/09 | Elizabeth
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Great lifesaver

This is perfect for my 2cats,I have been looking for something like that for ages!Now we can go away for 1week and I know they will have water and food!the whole time! No more need to ask ppl to come and feed then when you are away.Also I like the fact that I change bottle size for water.When I am at home it's easy to refill and change the 300ml bottle. Enjoy it!