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Great product

Fantastic for dispensing set amounts of dried food. Great level of control of portion size.
10/08/18 | CJ in Sheffield
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Ideal solution for greedy cats

Our gorgeous black moggie (male) has always been greedy, and got very good at persuading individual family members that he hadn't been fed, and was starving hungry. It became his life's work! The beauty of this automatic feeder is that he can con us no more... and that can only be good for his health. We've set it to deliver him 3 small meals a day. He did wrestle it over a few times, but never got the lid off. I put a strap round it just in case, and he now leaves it alone. It works a treat!
10/08/18 | Lisa
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4yrs old and still as good as new!

Had this food dispenser for over 4 years now and it is still working well! I have only changed the batteries twice.
17/05/18 | Hanne
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Works like a charm

We originally bought this to use when we travel away for a day or two, but have come to use all the time! Great for portion control and to ensure our cat is fed regularly, without overfeeding. I saw some videos of cats getting into the feeder, so we have tapped the latch on with duck tape and this seems to do the trick.
19/01/18 | robin barlow
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Easy to Build, Easy to Program. Works Well

Easy to build. Easy to program feed times, though their quantity scale of 0 to 10 needs experimentation. Works very well. Sizes are H=37cm, W=21cm, L (incl bowl)= 35cm