25/02/22 | Caroline Bethune
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Superfast delivery & great product.

Easy to install at the bottom of my wooden staircase. Ordered the higher model as my border collie cross can jump pretty high, and so far seems to keep him safely downstairs. Stops him sleeping on my bed with his muddy paws and no more washing down staircase every other wet day. Ordered Weds 23rd Feb, delivered to SW France Fri 25th Feb.
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Great for kittens!

I have bought two of these doors now. These are perfect for keeping pets safe from areas such a kitchens but allow them to still be part of home life. I have two young cats and it's fab for them. Easy to move, if needed. We moved it upstairs over Christmas to keep the cats out of my nieces rooms when they stayed. I don't tend to use the cat door (but it is handy to have). The only issue with the cat door is that it can't be secured in an open position and so does often tend to close. Great product though. Wish I bought ages ago!!
26/03/13 | Lizzy
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It works great and is very cute also works with small dogs that won't to get through but the big dogs with go in to so great for little dogs and cats
10/05/12 | Kristin
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great door guards ...

... for dog and child. rock solid and stable. highly recommended.