20/09/21 | Sandra Clarke
: 5/5


Received very quick. Thankyou
13/01/20 | Dogs Aid Animal Sanctuary
: 1/5

Do not buy. Unsafe

We have had to throw out two of these carriers. They are not fit for purpose. One cat just turned around in the box and his back end broke open the door. Another teenage kitten pushed the door open and broke the catch luckily it was in the vets at the time so cat didn't escape. I have photos of the two broken carriers. These carriers are not safe
23/12/19 | Helen
: 1/5

Don't buy

We now have two of these boxes in our cattery. If the cat leans against the door it will pop open. One cat escaped at the vets and another was being transported and just turned around and the door popped off
23/12/19 | Helen Ward
: 1/5

Do not buy

Door will pop open and cat will escape. We now have two with broken doors.