22/03/22 | Kathy M Linville
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Doesn't Stand Behind their Products

Ordered a 2nd Sport Wrap. As soon as I submitted my order I realized that I'd selected the RIGHT leg. I immediately contacted the company, no answer. I then sent an immediate email to them stating that my order had an error the needed to be corrected. The Sport Wrap was for the LEFT leg. I received confirmation of my order. BUT, they still sent the wrap for the wrong leg. Not wanting to cause an issue, I went ahead and tried to make do with it anyway. Now this problem they won't correct!!
07/10/21 | Patrick Clifford
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For sensitive paws

My Boxer has allergies, that means his paws have been sensitive when he walks on gravel or rough tarmac etc. The boots have been a new lease of life for him, they grip well in the water and on getting out over wet stones. the XL fitted him perfect, good quality.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

XXL for American Bulldog

Amazing product, created with the dog in mind, comfortable and easy to fit and tight, very well protects dogs paws and nails from scratch, made from good quality material and lasts long, much better than any other brand (and I tried few), definitely recommend if your dog has paw issue.
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Great product

Boot stays on and is great for a paw injury. Keeps the area clean and protected. Great price . Proper sole to grip and wear well. Meant we could exercise our dog on holiday. Easy to fit and didn't worry our GSD at all. Got the largest size and it fits well.
21/08/18 | Gina
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The 1st size I ordered didn't fit my dog, so when I emailed to return the item I was told that they would send me a replacement but to donate the boots I had instead of returning them. Unfortunately the largest pair didn't quite fit either but I didn't bother asking for a refund as Zooplus were so kind to ask me to donate the 1st boots. Excellent service by Zooplus that you wouldn't see from other websites. Boots are really good quality would definitely recommend.
21/08/18 | Mark Stephens
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Good boots.

Bought these to protect my dog's foot after she had stitches in her paw. She took to them really well and trots along quite happy with both back paws booted. Not got her to be quite as confident with the front paws but will keep trying so she is ready for winter. I needed the smallest size XS (size 2) for a small cockerpoo (11Kg) which stay on well. I initially bought the Small (size 3) but these slipped off. Too soon to say how they will last but already been worth the money.
07/03/18 | Claire Sullivan
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Good quality

The boots were very good quality but sadly were not suitable for my dog (he has large paws but skinny legs). Zooplus were brilliant and arranged my refund really quickly. They even asked me to donate the boots to an animal charity which I have done. Fantastic service.
05/03/18 | Gwen
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Dog Boots

Ordered the xxl7" for my golden doodle on last Sunday and they arrived on Tuesday in good time for the bad snow we have had. The boots are a god send they keeped my dogs feet warm dry and did not come off once and he runs and jumps about.would recommend to buy this product so well made thankyou
03/03/18 | Claire Sullivan
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Boots look well made. Unfortunately not suitable for my dog. Zooplus are brilliant arranging refund and advising I donate boots to local animal charity which I will certainly be doing.
01/03/18 | Mrs C. Lott
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OMG these are amazing

Absolutely marvelous. Having read all the reviews I went for a size 7 for my English Springer Spaniel as he is probably the size of a lab and as one lady said she bought size 7 for her lab. Perfect size especially if you have a small bandage to cover too. Having been out for a walk in the snow and ice and as you may know Springers never stop, this stayed on all the way round from door to door. Superb product, superb service, quick delivery and a very good price. Thanks :-)
09/12/17 | Daniela
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Goodlooking and good quality

I needed shoes for my cavalier cause there´s roadsalt, cars leaking oil and fuel, and little stones during winter where i live. I like these shoes, they seems to be good quality. Unfortunately my dog doesnt share the same view on them. He even refuses to go on walks cause he doesnt want them on. They were fine when he stepped in a puddle, thats a big plus. But they do look a bit hard & uncomfortable. He stumbles sometimes, but he´s not used to wearing shoes. They also slided off his hindlimbs.
25/11/17 | Georgina Murray
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very impressed

Archer has only one front leg and I wanted a boot to protect the pad when we go on walks in our local forestry as the tracks have a lot of slate chippings which are sharp. He is a very active 18 month old dog whose idea of a walk is a full speed run in and out of the trees with the other dogs, so I was not sure that the boot would stay on - I am happy to say that it did, he had no mobility issues with it, and the sole showed no signs of damage. Very pleased with this.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Boots - sadly not for skinny dogs

Unfortunately the boots didn’t fit my whippet despite lots of measuring - ordered the smallest size. These were too small but they just don’t fit a whippets slim feet in my opinion so didn’t order the size up. He high kicked them straight off...one landed on top of the kitchen cupboard! Zooplus gave me a refund and didn’t want the item returned so I gave it to a dog charity. It’s a shame as these were good quality for the price and looked like they would wear well.
30/06/17 | Sarah
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Life saver

I cannot praise these shoes enough. My 2year old frenchie drags his front paws due to neurological problems. These are the only shoes that fit his feet properly and stay in place. Although he does rub his dew claws if he doesn't where socks. So maybe this could be your next product!
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Great booties

Was very surprised how good these boots are. Could not get them to stay on but then with practice they stay on all the time. Great for the beach to stop my Labrador cutting her feet on the stones. Would recommend.
21/01/17 | J. Nevinson
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Durable dogboots that actually Stay on the dog!

Unsure of size, I bought 3 different sizes for my two year old lively Wheaten terrier who has Pyo-traumatic Dermatitis, and associated sore paw, following a nasty infection. Size 4 is perfect with no bandaging in place, & the 5 works if the paw is covered. Size 3 was too small, so I requested an exchange for another pack of size 4 boots. I too was very impressed when the Zooplus Customer team asked me to simply donate them to a local animal charity. Well Done Zooplus!
07/01/17 | Sharon
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Dog boots

I volunteer at my local animal rescue and some dog shoes were donated . the Lab I look after has really bad hip displaysure and can get sore paws. So I donated some money and Brough them home . They work that well that I've ordered some off zoopluse .size 7 xxl he is no longer limping after walking and running for ball and they have never come off so would highly recommend them 😆😆😆
11/06/16 | Greta Hickinbotham
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Super boots, super service

At first we ordered the wrong size for our 14 year old lurcher who has small feet & ankles for a tall dog but after a 'phone call to Zooplus we received the correct size (4) & were told not to send back the others. The boots are easy to put on & very good value & give protection to his back toes.
19/05/16 | Claire Heath
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Perfect boots.5stars

PERFECT! Our border collie quickly got used to the one he had to wear on his front paw,it fitted closely and comfortably without being too tight and it stayed on ,even on rough country walks.It washed easily and dried quickly on the radiator.
15/04/16 | Lynne Adams
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Excellent Quality,Outstanding Service

Ordered these boots xxl for my dog who has interdigital toe cysts,they are of excellent quality for the price, unfortunately they were too small for my dog so packed them ready for return, after contacting Zooplus for return code not only was I advised of refund being made but not to return item but donate to an animal charity of which I have done,how many companies would do that I wonder! probably not many, so Thank you very much to all your staff, Well Done!