09/12/17 | Daniela
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Goodlooking and good quality

I needed shoes for my cavalier cause there´s roadsalt, cars leaking oil and fuel, and little stones during winter where i live. I like these shoes, they seems to be good quality. Unfortunately my dog doesnt share the same view on them. He even refuses to go on walks cause he doesnt want them on. They were fine when he stepped in a puddle, thats a big plus. But they do look a bit hard & uncomfortable. He stumbles sometimes, but he´s not used to wearing shoes. They also slided off his hindlimbs.
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Sport and protective dog boots

I got size 5 for my 2 1/2 year old Staffy, but found they came off her front paws frequently when she was running about playing fetch. I tried on one boot first, then added another, so she wouldn't notice too much when focused on the ball. I found them easy to put on and to do up. I rang asked Zooplus for advice about getting a larger size and the lady said she thought the larger size would also come off.