21/01/18 | Terry Tookey
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No good for Westies

I bought two of these for my pair of Westies, I bought the smallest size available, 30” back. When they arrived I was well pleased, they are well made and seemed to fit, but when the dogs were out in the rain the back panels seemed to almost drag on the ground and they both refused to run around. I decided to try and get a smaller siize but the 30” back is the smallest available in this coat, it is a shame as it is a really good quality coat for the price.
24/02/17 | Sian
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Need longer sizes

My 48KG GSD is quite long, I bought the largest and longest and it still doesn't cover all of his but. However, he does look really good in it and it protects his coat from mud and gunk as much as you can expect it to.
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Great - but we had to adapt it

A great coat for a young fit muscle-y dog, but our elderly GSD needs full weather protection & can't lift her back legs easily. So we added shoulder covers - otherwise her shoulders would get soaked; we added a strip on the top to keep the belt in place and we cut the rear straps as they were so long they'd trip her up but also she is so unsteady on her feet it wasn't fair asking her to lift her legs each time we put it on/off. Instead we added narrow fit-lock buckles
13/07/16 | Annicka
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Get a size smaller!

I have to small dogs, one with ~42cm back length and the other 33cm back length. I opted for a size 40 and a size 35... Turns out these coats are cut larger though! Both my dogs got lost in their intentional sizes. Fortunately, the size 35 fits my "larger" dog. I will need to order a size 30 for my smaller dog! Other than that I think this is a great product!
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Look good but ran a size too large on my dogs

I just received these and am quite pleased with the look and quality. The dogs had no issue with putting these over their heads which was a worry. They do seem to run a size larger than I would normally buy for both my dogs - on the back length and chest circumference. To be seen how they hold up, stay in place and wash now.