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It’s great! I find walking one of my clients a lot easier using one of these now! She’s a hyperactive Stacie who constantly pulls and it’s so much easier! My only problem if when they pull all the pockets fall to the front marking it quiet uncomfortable which is a shame x
21/06/15 | ProudRidgebackMum
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Value for money

I bought this belt/lead combo to train my young ridgeback to run with me. He is still very distracted by smells and other dogs so doesn't always trot by my side. I found this belt comfortable to wear with enough room in the velcro pocket for 2 poop bags and a small (non-smart) phone. I have taken the other corded bag off. The lead is long and has a lot of give in it. Though some reviewers have found this irritating I have found it useful for when my boy is distracted I can continue running and it doesn't suddenly jarr against him. The handle on the lead is useful for more control but it would be useful to have a 2nd handhold between the clasp and the stretchy bit to actually have total control if you need to hold your dog tight. I use it in conjunction with a Janus Harness which again prevents sudden jarring of my boy's neck if he stops and I continue. I would not use this combination for walks, sticking to a Dogmatic (halti type head harness) for better control. All in all I think this is excellent value for money and I would recommend it for anyone wanting to run safely with their dog.
11/11/12 | Paula
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Wish I had this ages ago!

Ok was doubtful when this arrived as it is elasticated and stretchy. However after a few runs this is fab! My collie is a puller and the belt stretches to go with her and makes a comfortable run. When she does go there is enough lead to grab hold of and get control of her i.e. when a cyclist or cat goes by. With a normal lead I would end up with my arms being pulled and sore at the end of a run, however this belt taks the jarring and leaves me comfortable and pain free at the end of a run :-) However the pockets are a waist and a bit of let down. The pouch is not secured enough and flaps around with a water bottle in making it uncomfortable. The pouch is only big enough for a few gels and poo bags, my phone would not fit in it. Over all am pleased and will not look back as my runs are more enjoyable and comfotable. Just did a very pleasant 10 mile run and no sore aching back as I would have had with a normal lead.
14/04/11 | McBirdie
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Great idea, could be better put together

I am overall very happy with this product--in fact, it has become my everyday walking kit. However, there are a few things that let it down a bit.

First, the various pouches aren't particularly well-sized or constructed. The draw-string pouch doesn't close fully, so I certainly wouldn't want to put money or valuables in it. I use it to hold a roll of dog bags, my handkerchief and house keys. The phone pouch is really quite tiny, so if you've got a phone bigger than the smallest model, you'll struggle a bit. I've got a Nokia E71 and it just barely shuts around it. The other flap you see on the picture is just a wrap-around reflector that I've since removed.

It would have been great had there been a zip pouch option for money to be carried, but what can you do?

Last gripe is the placement of the hand loop on the lead. While putting it up near the top means you can remove it totally and use it as a normal lead, the fact that there is no grab further down means you struggle a bit to get firm control of your dog when needed. My dog has always been one to dash into the road when we're waiting if she gets startled, so I need to hold her down closer to the collar--there isn't a good place to do that on this one, with the elastic bit and then the buckle. You can work around it--I do!--but still.

Overall, it's a robustly made product, it's just not quite ideal. I haven't had any problems with the strength of the construction and my Dips is a bit of a puller.