24/06/18 | Elaine
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Brilliant lead

Bought the 8m to replace a broken 5m version, what a difference, the extra 3m gives more freedom & stops my very energetic springer spaniel from pulling quite so much!! Also the tape is sturdy & grip is comfy on handle.
06/02/18 | Amy
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Flexi classic large 8m

I cannot say enough just how much better flexi is than all other retractable leads! I bought my first one when I got my first Siberian puppy four years ago. And it's still going strong. I then bought my second Siberian puppy 5 months later, and bought a cheaper alternative which claimed to be for large dogs - she broke it in 2 months, along with a further 2. So I bought her a flexi as well, which makes 2 out of 2 flexis going strong at age 3+! My dogs are each +20kg and pull like freight trains.