19/03/18 | Ann Marie
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These are great. I have a 14 year old Labradoodle bitch who has just started dribbling a bit around the house. After mopping up behind her for a few weeks I thought I would give these a go around the house. They are brilliant. No drips on the floor and my dog doesn’t mind wearing them at all. Even better you can’t even see she is wearing one as she’s black! All in all a very good buy!
19/12/16 | sam smith
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My dog is a bit brain damaged due to being born not breathing and taking a while to bring back. She has accidents a lot so these are fantastic for us. She now doesn't have to stay in her cage when we go out as if she has an accident its only om her nappy.
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Too small

I got size six for my Weimaraner and they are far too small, I can't see them fitting any large breed.
25/06/15 | Mrs Rosenthal
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And another thing....

Since using these on our terrier (see earlier review) she's stopped being incontinent which I put down to using the nappies. Result all round.
01/06/15 | Sheila Rosenthal
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very very useful

Our old terrier is incontinent at night and these pads save her embarrassment and us the effects of wee in the house. We also use them on her on long car journeys for peace of mind as much as anything. Sizing is a bit of an art. We started with size 1-too small, are ok with size 2 but going to try size 3. I think, as with babies, getting the nappy size right requires a tight-but-not-too-tight fit.They retain a lot of fluid, contain the smell and are dry to the touch when full so the dog isn't sitting about in wee. Good product which we will be using them now until the little soul's no sadly longer with us.
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useful but the size is not suitable for large breed

I bought this for my labrador when she was a puppy. The nappy is very thick and very water-absorbing. I ordered a second time when her first period is coming (10 months). The ads picture showed a golden retriever so I thought my labrador could fit it. I measured her stomach for 64cm. But when I put on the nappy, it is quite small for her. It is so tight that she couldn't even sit down properly. The picture is quite misguided and I don't think this product is suitable for large breed. And the measurement of the stomach should be less than 60cm at least if you want your dog wear it comfortably.
16/06/12 | James Clarke
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Dog Nappies

At last a product to relieve the stress of cleaning up after my Bitch (she is on heat) with the added bonus of stopping my Dog from mounting her. When ordering measure carefully as the sizes are correct, mine fitted perfectly.