10/12/21 | bs

my dog is barking a lot less now!

I am very happy that I started using this product for my dog, she is definitely barking less (with us or alone) and she is much calmer.
08/21/18 | Alex

seems to work well!

Our vet recommended this for my cat with stress-related cystitis, as he's generally highly strung and has a nervous personality. From the first time we dosed his food, this seemed to make him waaay more mellow! Will buy the two-pack next time.

This works

We have a cat who tends to be quite highly strung and she was over-grooming. Zylkene resulted in an improvement quite quickly and she now has a complete coat of fur. We tried to take her off it early on and she relapsed so she now has a low 'maintenance' dose but we aim to get her off it in due course. Stick with it - it will take time but it does work. We mix it with lick-e-lix, but whatever your cat loves will work.
05/17/18 | marie & mark

love these !

We have a rescue bullterrier who had been terribly abused . To add to this he is deaf . At first he could not sleep for 5 minutes without waking up again terrified with his surroundings & what would happen to him. We came across Zylkene 450mg while searching for calming aids. For our dog this has been the answer to his prayers & he now has the best life & most of all peaceful naps.
04/15/18 | Di Pascal

It works!

My beautiful rescue Maine Coon cross had been badly treated before I found her. After 3 years of love and patience, she's fine with me, but still disappears as soon as anyone visits. She's terrified of fireworks and practically any loudish noise. Zylkene was recommended by the vet, and I use them before and during noisy times, along with a Feliway plug-in at all times. It's a natural, gentle treatment for anxiety, and it works, without any drowsiness at all.
03/08/18 | marie

best on the market

We acquired a rescue English bull terrier , who not only suffered terrible abuse in his young life, but lives in a world of deafness. He could not sleep for more than 5 minutes without waking up shaking & to be honest quite snappy ! After much study we discovered Zylkene 450mg , wow our boy has been a different dog . Not saying it will work for all of you but it sure is worth a try . Thank god for this product its literally saved our boy from a life of sleepless torment , we love him so much .
09/06/17 | originally published in zooplus.be


My dog developed separation anxiety this June. We first tried Bach Flower remedies - without any joy - but when we started using Zylkene, after 15 days there was such a clear improvement. She is much more calm when she is alone and doesn't get destructive. We are delighted and she is much happier - plus this price is the best to be found on the internet!
08/07/17 | originally published in zooplus.be


Following the arrival of a new kitten, my dog was in a constant state of panic and anxiety... even trying to follow me into the bathroom! I tried all the possible homeopathic treatments, none were effective, or did not last very long. Now she takes Zylkene and she is back to normal - happy, playful and sleeping deeply, which had not happened for months!

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