12/10/21 | bs
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my dog is barking a lot less now!

I am very happy that I started using this product for my dog, she is definitely barking less (with us or alone) and she is much calmer.
21/08/18 | Alex
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seems to work well!

Our vet recommended this for my cat with stress-related cystitis, as he's generally highly strung and has a nervous personality. From the first time we dosed his food, this seemed to make him waaay more mellow! Will buy the two-pack next time.
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This works

We have a cat who tends to be quite highly strung and she was over-grooming. Zylkene resulted in an improvement quite quickly and she now has a complete coat of fur. We tried to take her off it early on and she relapsed so she now has a low 'maintenance' dose but we aim to get her off it in due course. Stick with it - it will take time but it does work. We mix it with lick-e-lix, but whatever your cat loves will work.
17/05/18 | marie & mark
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love these !

We have a rescue bullterrier who had been terribly abused . To add to this he is deaf . At first he could not sleep for 5 minutes without waking up again terrified with his surroundings & what would happen to him. We came across Zylkene 450mg while searching for calming aids. For our dog this has been the answer to his prayers & he now has the best life & most of all peaceful naps.
08/03/18 | marie
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best on the market

We acquired a rescue English bull terrier , who not only suffered terrible abuse in his young life, but lives in a world of deafness. He could not sleep for more than 5 minutes without waking up shaking & to be honest quite snappy ! After much study we discovered Zylkene 450mg , wow our boy has been a different dog . Not saying it will work for all of you but it sure is worth a try . Thank god for this product its literally saved our boy from a life of sleepless torment , we love him so much .
06/09/17 | originally published in zooplus.be
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My dog developed separation anxiety this June. We first tried Bach Flower remedies - without any joy - but when we started using Zylkene, after 15 days there was such a clear improvement. She is much more calm when she is alone and doesn't get destructive. We are delighted and she is much happier - plus this price is the best to be found on the internet!
07/08/17 | originally published in zooplus.be
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Following the arrival of a new kitten, my dog was in a constant state of panic and anxiety... even trying to follow me into the bathroom! I tried all the possible homeopathic treatments, none were effective, or did not last very long. Now she takes Zylkene and she is back to normal - happy, playful and sleeping deeply, which had not happened for months!