03/01/19 | Hammyhamster
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Bought this as a Christmas present for our stray cat who had been using a cramped rabbit hutch to sleep in. Ummed and ahhed about buying the small or large but the small is perfect.The bed area is big enough for his medium sized heated pad to go in so he's warm, dry and happy. Easy to assemble and sturdy when complete. Well worth the money.
11/10/18 | Ruslan
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IKEA style included

Thank you for a great dog house. It was delivered fast in good condition. It assembled easy and quick, you made a great choice to use bolts and nuts instead of screws. It's provide enough Covered inside and outside room. Good quality of product with left right exit options. There are crack in the wood, not critical but worth to mention. All in all fair price for delivered 30 kg. Box. As an improvement I would be absolutely happy if the roof was made as removable option for easy cleaning.
28/07/18 | MutzNutz
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Wonderful add to the garden

Bought this for our stray cat! We’ve adopted him but he likes outside living. Painted and carpeted inside, purchased a bed for inside too. It’s snug, dry and warm for him. He’s a big cat so room to move and also a section to leave food out. Very happy with this kennel.
21/01/18 | Susann
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Great little dog house

I bought the small size to give the local city fox(es) and/or the stray cats a place to rest and retreat. I think it is a bit small for the foxes though a very young one will fit. I’m happy with the house and will get another, the next size up, and hopefully both cats and foxes then have a house each. I love it!
14/02/17 | Patricia
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I bought the small for two stray cats I feed as, when the weather's bad, I hate to see them sleeping rough. I don't think either has used it yet but the thought's there.... I also bought the insulation pads for a slightly larger kennel-this one doesn't have additional insulation-and it took me longer to take the insulation apart, cut it to shape, and fit it into the kennel, than it took me to put the kennel together! Still, I think it's worth it. Easy to put together. Looks nice.
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Very good

Very impressed with this Kennel. My two beagles fit perfectly in the large. The quality is better than I expected for the price (although its now dropped by £10, on delivery day!!!) We restrained it black, and laid carpet for comfort. Very happy
12/03/16 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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EWasy to put together and beautiful. this is an outdoor house for my cats when they need it. It also looks low maintenance! I am really content with my purchase.
02/03/16 | Becky burns
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Love it!

I got this for my furbabie cats,one of them like to go out when it's raining just to sit in it! I also put a small bowl of warer/biscuits out for stray cats through the night! :)
28/01/15 | Shaun
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Brilliant kennel, just perfect for feral cats in bad weather

I bought two of these kennels for feral cats living outside. Unfortunately, one kennel had become damaged in transit, but ZooPlus helped to sort everything out. These kennels are brilliant, and the small ones are just perfect for outdoor cats. The kennel was easy to fix together, about 30 minutes taking my time. All I needed was pozidrive screwdrivers of two different sizes. The wood is slightly soft so be careful when screwing the bolts up, as they need to be tight, but not over-tight where they could damage the wood. The small kennel had 2 floor pieces, even though the instructions said there were 3 floor pieces. So the instructions are wrong as there is definitely only 2 floor pieces to fit into the small kennel. The kennel is quite heavy and very sturdy, suitable for bad weather and strong winds. It is weatherproof with bitumen tiles on the roof to stop the rain getting in. There are some slight gaps in the floor between the wood pieces, but we covered the floor with small carpet tiles for the cats. The feet are screwed in and can freely turn, which means each foot can be turned if the kennel is on an uneven surface. Overall, this is a brilliant kennel and I wished I had bought it sooner. My cat loves the enclosed sleeping section, plus the open porch area for food bowls but is still protected from the bad weather. He will often sit in the open porch watching out.
21/10/14 | Christine
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Really pleased with purchase. This is the 2nd kennel I've bought from here for my cats. Delivery was fast, arrived in perfect condition and took about 10 minutes to put together, very straight forward. I bought the small one and I'm surprised how big it is.
12/09/14 | Louisa O'Leary
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Brilliant purchase!

Bought this for a stray cat I have befriended. Do not hesitate in buying this product. I ordered it on Tuesday and it arrived on the Friday. All pieces were present and I put it together in about half hour (only my 2nd flat pack assembly in my life). It is sturdy and is perfect for what I need it for - and puss cat is delighted with it too!
21/01/13 | Diane
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Brilliant Cat House

I have 3 indoor cats who only have access to an enclosed garden, so I purchased this kennel along with the cat lodge house, so that they have somewhere to sit, hide and play all year round. The kennel itself is very well made and my husband put it together very quickly with no problems, he too is impressed with it. It's great because it has a little patio at the side, so keeps all the bad weather out of the kennel. It not only provides them with a place to be on their own if they want but it will also keep them warm, dry and cosy, which is what I wanted.