Poor quality

My 9 month old springer spaniel was given this toy two hours ago and has one end completely chewed away already. Would not recommend at all


Lasted less than 5 minutes

I understand that dog chew toys are not indestructible but this one lasted less than 5 minutes with my 10 month old puppy. It's advertised as robust and specifically for gnawing on so not happy at all. Puppy was extremely disappointed too!!

02/22/21 | Lisa

Came apart with in 5 minutes

Very badly made. It came apart within 5 minutes. It wasn't chewed apart. The components are just placed together but theres nothing to hold them in place. Disappointing. Would be worried they could cause an obstruction if swallowed.


Last 1 day

Not exactly “robust” as described. It only took a day for my dog to chew through the middle part that holds the whole thing together. Don’t waste your money, just get some dentastix

12/09/20 | Katarzyna

Very poor quality

Looks great but after 5min was damaged. Not recommended

10/28/19 | Ian

Tough & Durable

I have three large dogs and it has lasted despite their efforts to destroy it. It is soft enough in their mouths and they like the sensation.

01/27/19 | Polina

Chewed to pieces

Nice toy, interesting design, but my white swiss shepherd started to destroy it immediately after he received it

01/17/18 | J M Glenn-Craigie

Poor quality

My Golden Retriever liked this toy but had bits of rubber/plastic bitten off and eaten within minutes. Would not recommend it.

01/10/18 | Martina

It's ok

My dog doesn't play a lot with this, maybe because he's a small dog (JR mix) and this toy is really heavy, however it looks really sturdy and durable

08/28/17 | SShanks

Great toy

Dog loves it, keeps teeth clean. Novel to throw as it's shape makes for irregular bouncing and unpredictability. My dog (Shiba Inu) isn't one for toys much but he adores this.



Got this as an afterthought with my regular order - My boy can be fussy when it comes to 'legitimate' chews. Usually have to get one of his pack mates to put their scent on a toy before he really engages with it - but this he took to straight away and if it does half of what it claims dental wise I'll be happy as his teeth are A1 to begin with.


such fun

This is a great toy for any dog/pup who love to chew. very well made and good value. Each ring moves making a unique feel in the dogs mouth. my 5 month old lab loves the small one.

11/29/15 | Annie&Co

Not destroyed yet

But only because he hasn't really been interested in this toy. He's picked it up and carried it around, and buried it in the garden, but he's not tried to chew it really. I'd like to be able to comment on it's tooth cleaning ability, but with next to no use I can't. He prefers his other toys.

11/27/15 | Dawn

Quality toy- unfortunately my dog has no interest!

This feels and looks like a really high quality toy, and I imagine the spikes on the ends would help dental care. However, my dog has no interest in it whatsoever. We've had it a couple of months now and it's like new. I've moved it around the house into his different favourite areas, but he just ignores it! That's why I've taken one star off- as I can't comment on the longevity if it's used.


Visible difference

My 2 year old Springers teeth were a mess with stains, plaque and tartar. My vet was warning of serious dental problems in the future. I bought him the large toy and he loved it from the moment he got it. It has been very well chewed and survived. 6 months on it is starting to lose the odd spike but given the amount of use it gets I'm not surprised nor am I worried about it. I will definitely replace it in the future. The best bit though is that the vast majority of the stains and plaque are gone and there is no tartar left at all. At his last vet check up they were delighted at the improvement.


Works like Magic

Got the large one for my 2 year old springer who, despite my best efforts, had badly discoloured teeth and some obvious tartar. He loves it , chews it constantly, sneaks it outside and chews it in preference to the sticks he'd usually gnaw. The difference to his teeth is amazing. I wish I had before and after pics to show the improvement. Most of the the discolouration and tartar are gone. My vet is very impressed. He's only used it for a few weeks so it's a bit early to comment on durability but looks good so far. If he does destroy it I'll have no hesitation in replacing it. It's far cheaper than a dental treatment.

10/05/14 | Marie

Good enough

My dog loved this it lasted longer than some other chew toys I bought and even when it came apart he enjoyed chewing the larger pieces.

05/23/14 | Benjamin


My labrador puppy loves it! Its tough and durable so its very good for them little pine needles teeth!

11/16/12 | Charlotte

Great toy!

Better than I thought it was going to be.. it's really chunky and tough and my mega chewing dog loves it!

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