03/15/21 | Colin

Excellent product

My Belgian mallios loves this and chews on it every day and it still looks like new
03/15/21 | Colin

Excellent product

Belgian malinois loves this and is a heavy chewer..its extreamly strong and still looks like new

Dogs love their bones

Very durable but very flexible.Can withstand the bite force of an adult doberman.My dogs are very happy.
10/05/19 | abersone

good but not exelent

staff destroyed it after 3 days
08/18/18 | Matt Mcc

Excellent Product

i got this for my boxer. He is very adept at destroying toys. This Kong Extreme toy barely has a scratch. My dog spends hours chewing & chasing this toy.
02/18/18 | K Stewart

Very robust

I've has these for my 3 dogs for ages and they are still in great nick. I use them everytime I leave the house for a few hours. Easy to disinfect too.


This bone has a lot of negative reviews, however I was desperate for a tough wear toy for my heavy chewer Samoyed puppy. I filled it with one of the Applaws pates I purchased on this site and froze it. My dog was occupied with the toy for over an hour. He absolutely loves the shape and challenge of getting the treat out. We also have just the original Kong cone, but this bone proved to be miles better.
01/24/17 | Stephen

Perfect for chewers

I have an American bulldog and she makes short work of most toys even the red version of these but this one last a hell of a lot long 1st one over a year and still isn't completely destroyed but thought I'd treat her to a new one. Stick a gravy bone in each end and she'll happily sit there for 30 mins chewing away. Worth every penny!
11/29/15 | Annie&Co

Ideal for my strong chewer

This is my dog favourite toy! He has chewed and chewed it, and it hasn't got any cracks or bits missing! He is a toy destroyer, and the only toys which have survived him are the Kong extreme toys and the few toys he's not interested in. I just wish Kong made a few more extreme version toys.


I thought these would be less indestructible than the regular Kong shape but they have been great. They are still like new after months, even with strong chewers in the house. And my dogs love the bone shape. The extreme is definitely worth the extra few euros. I would definitely recommend.
09/22/12 | Dan Richardson

Not tough enough

In the USA this is available in three sizes, this is the medium size. It was good and my dog is a heavy chewer so it lasted about three weeks. Kong were fantastic about this though and sent Lottie a new toy instead.
05/15/12 | Tara McNally

Not Good for aggressive chewers

I have a Collie/Red Setter cross, destroyed this in half an hour!(I suppose thats impressive, toys dont usually last that long!) Once the paste was gone, so was the bone! The only thing that has lasted was the Classic Kong. 2 years now, worth every penny!!
04/25/11 | Carys Peet


I bought this for my brothers Springer Spaniel who destroys all the toys hes given, this toy is still going strong with no damage despite Jerry's best efforts! Very pleased with this item and would definitely recommend it

What a treat

I have two Staffies that destroy most toys but they both love these bones. When they have been good I treat them to their bones stuffed with the paste and harmony reigns. They have had the bones for nearly six weeks now and there is no sign of the bones being damaged, yet, but I am afraid that they are not really interested in the bones without the paste.
01/15/11 | Lorna


My dog can destroy any toy you give him except this one. Worth every penny!!

Loved, but being destroyed

My boy loves this and with the paste n stuff inside he's occupied for a while, but he seems to be slowly destroying it but definitely something that I'd buy again as he loves it.

Great! A Very Tough Toy!

This toy is great for big tough dogs that like to chew. This toy has lasted for weeks with our boxers were others would only last minutes or days if we were lucky! Great value!

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