17/04/12 | Lorraine T-B
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

A great help

What a wonderful clicker for disabled people to use, I am unable to bend to point at items and was having great difficulty in training my dog, this target stick clicker was just the answer I needed, it's a great help and others have also shown an interest in it.
18/10/11 | Thali
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a huge help

Its easy to hold and you don't need to put a lot physical effort to make it fun. It could maybe be a little smaller. It seems a little heavy at first. I think it makes training easier since you already have the two things you need in one hand and don't need to juggle.
17/10/11 | Maja
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generally happy

I'm really happy with the target stick. Nothing to complain about.
14/10/11 | Lara
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perfect for rabbits

I got something like this a while ago but without a clicker. I had to make the clicking noise with my tongue instead. Since my 5 bunnies already got the principle, I didn't need to do it any more. I find this target stick really practical and I love how the clicker is integrated into it. Challenge your pets just the way they should be. Definitely recommend it - have fun! Oh, and btw: it works differently depending on how you hold it and every animal reacts differently to it.