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Used more by us than the dog!

We have a black lab and in the extreme heat of this summer decided to buy this pool in which to cool her down. Whilst she loves water and goes into every river / lake / cattle trough possible, and she will jump into this pool quite happily, she does not lie or sit in the water nor stay in there for any longer than she has to! So I think we will be using it more than her! Having used the pool just twice, the velcro on the cover came off - which we didn't think was very good for a £50 product!
01/07/18 | Michaela
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Leaks at the empty valve

Easy pool to put up and store the only thing is that once the pool is filled it drips water at the empty valve
14/06/15 | Louise
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Very small!

The pool is really sturdy and will last but the small is extremely small!!
05/05/14 | Caroline wright
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Great pool

Bought the pool for our 4 Weimaraners...absolutely love the pool, the size and so do the dog however sadly after taking out of carry case and filling with water, I discovered two little holes on the edges where it had been folded up 😔. Very disappointed as too big to send back and once out of plastic carry case it can't be squeezed back in
05/09/10 | steph
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careful when emptying

Bought this pool in july and like many other was thrilled to get a pool specially made for dogs.My dog is hardly ever out of the pool and loves to splash,chase ripples and "dig" but now she has either dug too deep as there is a small hole where side meets bottom or its split from lifting to empty when water lower than plug.
19/04/09 | Poppy
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An ok pool !!!

i purchaced the large pool and my labrador puppy loved it, but it wasnt very deep, also if you have a mischevous puppy dont let her near the pool before you have filled it up, as mine bit streight through the bottom of the pool in one chew.

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