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Would recommend

Really good game but the design of it isn't great. Easily fixed if it was painted with non toxic paint. Its not going to last long as its the type of wood that goes soft when wet but my puppy (maltipoo) will be bored of it by then. All in all, I would recommend. She has great fun with it. Would be a good idea to make it bigger with more slots. I wouldn't mind paying more for an upgrade
29/09/12 | Marian
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

JRT loves it

My Jack Russell cross loves using her brain to work things out so I thought this might suit her. However, she just claws at it till the 'hats' fall over or the sliders slide the right way, she's not very gentle, especially when excited! However, it seems well able to withstand this treatment! She might calm down and get the hang of finding where the treats are instead of just going for the nearest or whatever gets in the way though .... Having said that, she really loves it. I put it on a shelf and she keeps going and looking up at it as much to say, Can't we play the games again? And when she has got it her tail is going 19 to the dozen! Just for that it was worth the money, I was afraid she would either be totally disinterested or get bored after a couple of goes!
18/02/09 | lisa p
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

good product

one of my dogs an irish setter found these games very easy to work out and after a while got quite bored. my other dog a lhasa apso just couldnt get it at all and really couldnt be bothered. the cups are quite loose and can get knocked over with just a sniff.the other side of the game, the slider game was much better as they have to work out how to slide the thing accross to get the treat. all in all a good product and reasonable price, my sisters dog loved it. i suppose it just depends on the individual dog.