09/30/18 | Lorraine Craig

Squeaky chicken

Our miniature pinscher loves this toy, he's a chewer and even tough toys last minutes at the most. He's played with this squeaky toy for 6 months and amazingly it still in one piece and even still squeaks. It's also a firm favourite with our neighbours staffy when he comes to visit, it's the first toy he takes out the toybox and plays with. Have ordered one for his Christmas.
06/28/18 | Tina

Great value

This works really well for my Collie and blind Labrador. Between them they have had 3 months enjoyment out of it. Squeek still working too.

Lasted longer than most

This chicken toy lasted longer than most but was finally dispatched to squeaky toy heaven last night by our Rhodesian Ridgeback. It managed to survive a couple of months and retained its squeak till the end, but ultimately wasn't quite sturdy enough to be invincible. The only other thing worth noting is that it's quite small.
12/10/17 | B S Polglaze

Brilliant toy

What a fantastic 99p's-worth! Really tough, no stuffing to disembowel, and wow - what a squeeker (well, squealer, really). Because of the way the squeaker works, that can't be removed either. Small dog loves it - she's the one that very quickly destroyed the far more expensive Kong Wild Knots Bear - she carries rubber chicken around chewing on it to make it squeal & we've even taken it on walks so she can chase after it. She's had it for over 2 weeks now & there's not a mark on it. Brilliant
09/19/17 | g walker

puppy loved it

unfortunately this chicken has not lasted long at all, our puppy loved it but chewed through it really quick, so hence 3 stars
11/16/14 | Roger Marriott

Great fun for smaller dogs

This chicken is smaller than others that I have seen but is great value and my cocker pup loves it!

Dog loves it!

My lab puppy loves these chickens. The first one lasted about a month until she managed to tear it to pieces which is a lot longer lasting than most of her other toys!
12/29/13 | Hayley

Small but strong

It was smaller than I was expecting but my collie x loves it, he got it Christmas morning and has been carrying it around and happily squeaking away. he even fell asleep with it in his mouth, still squeaking it in his sleep. great toy and I'm going to order the 3 pack soon.
02/02/13 | Sarah

Super Chicken

I bought this toy for my 10yr old Stafford for christmas. I was a little disappointed with the size, as i thought it would be larger, but my dog absolutely loves it. She takes it everywhere with her, the head and the feet hang out each side of her mouth. She's been playing with for a month now, squeaker still intact and squeaking well. Great value for money. I bought the 3 pack as I thought she would have destroyed one by now. All other squeaky toys she has owned have ceased to squeak within 24hrs. All in all a super chicken.
01/20/13 | Jon

Sprocker versus Labrador

Hi I was sceptical at first when I bought the pack of three as they were a little on the snall size. However they have endured much tug-o-war'ing with my two dogs and survived intact. A very robust product with a good squeak, will be ideal for all those dogs who love to run and fetch as it throws well too !(well indoors I mean) :@P
12/06/12 | Jon W

Small Chicken Bites :@p

The pack of 3 chickens are of good quality. The negative is that they are a little on the small size. I would have preferred a longer toy as I have a Lab and a Sprocker who like to shake them from side to side. These birds just about stick out the mouth. They do have a good squeaker, which as yet hasn't been chewed out! Maybe a pack of two longer birds might be more practical.
11/08/12 | Karen Roberts

Super Duper!

My dog shreds every toy he gets - they don't last more than a few minutes - except for these chickens, he loves them and leaves them intact - 3 pack is great deal
06/02/11 | Lyn Holt

Indestructable chicken !!

We bought this at Christmas for our then 18 month old Jack Russell' who makes destroying toys, tennis balls etc an art form! 2nd June and the chicken is still intact but the squeaker has given up the ghost. Just about to order again, would heartily recommend for hours of doggy fun and pleasure...thanks
03/09/11 | James C

Our wheaten adores her chicken

Our wheaten terrier adores her chicken. Though I recommend buying the 3 pack because the squeaker does get broken after a few weeks.
12/18/09 | Michelle Wood

The Great Rubber Chicken

I bought the rubber chicken for my staffie's first birthday on 15th Dec along with some other squeaky toys (which she loves). The chicken without a doubt was her favourite. As she is a staffie and toys don't usually last very long especially the "squeak" she will then lose interest in it once that happens - but the chicken although squeakless keeps her amused and she just adores it! She loves to pick it up in the middle and shake it making the head and legs move violently - and dare anybody try to take it from her - she will guard it, then run off to play chase. What a fantastically amusing and fairly robust toy. I will definately be buying a couple more for her for christmas next week. We love it.
06/23/08 | Patric


This rubber chicken is the ultimate hit at home! It is of great quality, it looks funny, and its robust! Exactly what my Racker needs! He is very wild so almost all toys we buy, he tears apart in less than a weekk. With the rubber chicken he really goes high!

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