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Lasted longer than most

This chicken toy lasted longer than most but was finally dispatched to squeaky toy heaven last night by our Rhodesian Ridgeback. It managed to survive a couple of months and retained its squeak till the end, but ultimately wasn't quite sturdy enough to be invincible. The only other thing worth noting is that it's quite small.
06/12/12 | Jon W
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Small Chicken Bites :@p

The pack of 3 chickens are of good quality. The negative is that they are a little on the small size. I would have preferred a longer toy as I have a Lab and a Sprocker who like to shake them from side to side. These birds just about stick out the mouth. They do have a good squeaker, which as yet hasn't been chewed out! Maybe a pack of two longer birds might be more practical.