05/21/22 | Egle

Most lovable toy

Perfect toy, I have been looking for it all around Europe
03/01/21 | Suzanne

Didn't last one day....

My little doxichon made short work of this, managed to rip it apart within an hour and take the squeaker out of one leg. I know it's not expensive but not worth it....
02/24/21 | Sandy

Not for dogs

My dog only had this 2 minutes and it was in pieces he wasn't ripping it apart it just isn't a durable toy for a dog.... maybe should be in the cats section
11/20/20 | Kim Anh K Eastman

Bit Through The Rattle

My Sprite was so excited when she saw me pull "Lemmy" out of the box and started playing w/ it right away. But within minutes I heard a *snap* & she jumped away from it. Turns out that she bit through hard plastic rattles in the legs. The plastic splintered & jabbed through the fabric. Not 5 min owned, I had to perform surgery on "Lemmy" to take out the rattles, so that the splinters won't cut Sprite. If you get this toy, take out the rattles before giving it to your pup!
09/23/20 | Casey

Looks like second hand

The toy looks like it was used and then sent on. The 3 stars is only for the fact that the dog likes to use it as a pillow.

Very cute but poorly made

Sadly came with holes already in the stitching. I didn't get it to withstand my dog's chewing, as it's clearly not a chew toy, but it's crazy flimsy.
07/07/20 | Jeanette Murphy

The best

My puppy’s favourite toy since day one! After two months he has yet to get sick of it. There has been a few tears as he’s quite the biter but a simply wow fixes it, it is so worth it! Can not recommend enough!

destroyed in 5min - potentially dangerous

the toy is very low quality and dangerous for dogs that like to chew toys - our tiny 8kg dog crushed the bells inside the toy into sharp plastic shards in an instant and the seams gave in soon after. maybe not bad if your dog doesnt chew on toys, but most likely the seams would give in it tugs at it very soon anyway.
10/31/18 | Daniel

It's ok

It looks second hand but it's kinda cute. If I would have seen it in real life I wouldn't have brought it but my dog likes it.
02/25/18 | Sooze

My spaniel adores it!

Bought this for my dog for Xmas. She has not left it alone for a day - this is the toy she always brings out. She lies down with it and nibbles at the front feet which have the squeakers in - always those two, never the back two with the rattly bits in, and there are two other squeakers in the head and body that she doesn't nibble at either.She rarely makes it squeak - just likes to nibble! If she wears it out I shall have to get her another but it is holding up really well so far.

My puppies favourite toy!

I've had one of these for a month, and my (three month old) puppy absolutely loves it - its her favourite toy and she frequently sings to it as she plays with it. She really likes to have people squeak the legs while she squeaks the middle squeaky thing, and she carries it around with her. I'm buying a second one for when this one is in the wash. (she is not a big chewer, so I can't testify to its robustness!)
09/15/17 | Ish2008

Favourite toy

5 month old American Bulldog pup absolutely loves 'Baa Sheep' as we have named him. Definitely his favourite toy and we have had these toys before for previous adult Am Bulldogs who though not terrier type chewers, did give the poor toy a hard time and it never fell apart. I am going to buy another one as the new pup adores it.
01/05/17 | phoebe

About to buy another!

My chihuahua loves this, its her favourite toy! She loves me to play with her with this one. I'm getting another as the first is 2 years old and is getting a little bit grubby. Brilliant!
09/30/16 | Pandora

New best friend

My minature daxie is 11 weeks old, but is an avid chewer and plays very rough with his toys. When this arrived I wasn't sure how it would last, but it is holding up well, which is a good thing a it is his new best friend. He has a love of very large toys (his former fave was a huge rabbit) but they can be too heavy/awkward for his small mouth and short legs. This lamb is perfect, it's light enough for him to carry and unlike some of his other toys he is able to work the squeaker himself..much to his surprise and delight! It may not last for the long haul, but for the price I'm happy and as with all toys will be supervising and removing as it gets worn out, and would probably replace it as it has brought him so much joy.
05/13/16 | Sandra

Probably the favourite toy in the house

This is our second purchase of this toy. The first lasted for ages too. My little JR was absolutely delighted when his BFF reappeared recently (the new one) and every person who cones to visit is presented with Sheep and asked to play. He regularly shakes the life out of it and it keeps on living! Great sounds, great toy, great price!
08/17/15 | Natascha L

Best friend

I bought this for my English Springer Spaniel puppy and it was the best buy I've done. She loves all her toys but the sheep, we named it Chloe is her toy she always needs like a security blanket.


This is such a great size toy for the price which makes it so much more enjoyable for your dog. I brought this for my Husky, I found the size just right because it was big enough to play with him, low enough price for a spontaneous purchase and the actual item was really good quality. I was not put off by reviews that said they had came apart because every dog is different and had that happen (which it hasn't) I wouldn't mind anyway because it was not exactly expensive and that's what I get their toys for. Rather my dog chewed his toys than my shoes or something! My Husky has a bit of a thing for sheep so this suited him perfectly. 100% recommend.
05/05/15 | Stuart Burgess

Superb toy. Well made. Puppy loves it!

Our puppy (Ridgeback) loves this toy. We have two now. Well made; although we have needed to repair it a couple of times which is easy to do. Bargain!
05/05/15 | Stuart Burgess

Not as good as other Trixie toys but puppy loves it.

This toy looks great in the flesh and on the face of it looks very well made. We bought it was we have the Trixie Pet Sheep which is a fantastic toy by the same company. However, the Vulture is not made as well and I would actually say it's borderline dangerous. Our puppy Ridgeback got the stuffing out of this in a couple of hours and nearly choked on it. Had to throw it away, which is a shame as she loved it.

Jack Russell Puppy

Got this for my Jack Russell , he loved it , it's his fav toy ! Very good toy hrs of fun for hum

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