05/06/17 | Lana

A lovely, smelly treat!

My bichon absolutely adores these. They're nice and crunchy and stink to high heaven! What more could a dog want?

01/31/17 | Ruth


Vet husband won't touch thinks it's disgusting (!) but my dogs go mad. I like the fact you can break into small individual stomachs for a quick treat or give a few stuck together for a longer chew. You do need a sealed box to keep them in tho! I'm planned on cutting a few into tiny bits for training.

11/25/08 | Rachel, Ruby & Squiggle

Well Worth A Try!!

My girls absolutely adore these! They both go nuts when I head for the drawer where I keep them. They are nice and small too, which makes a nice change owning a toy breed. They come in a re-sealable bag which is great as they aren't exactly fragrance free!! The bag is HUGE too.


A nice alternative to a biscuit

I really like these and more importantly so does my dog. They come in a re-sealable bag. They're an ideal small treat and the slighlty bigger pieces can be broken. I like the fact that this is a treat my dog can't gulp down, he has to chew it. The greedy little sod.