29/04/18 | Hans A
: 5/5

My dog loves it!

My pug loves these stix. It holds his attention for the length of time it takes for him to finish the entire thing (about half an hour) 😂 his breath smells wonderful for a pug, and his teeth are not stained but really white and clean.
17/01/18 | Lauren Bevan
: 5/5

My dogs LOVE these treats

My Chihuahuas love these. After training practice, each of the dogs are given one of these to enjoy and rest. I have found Zooplus to be the best value. I tend to buy two sets, you get extra 28 on each set and super value this time the box of free chews also had a free sample of Pedigree dog food pouch.
05/10/17 | Sarah
: 5/5

We both love these!

My dog has had horrible breath for a while now and these seem to be the only thing that will conquer it. I only give her one once every week or two and they’ve stayed working since I started giving them to her. Plus she loves the taste and gets so excited for them. These will be purchased regularly now!
: 5/5

my dogs love them

i get compliments about the condition of my dogs teeth how clean and white they are also from my vet they have fresh marrow bones every week also dentastix which i keep in the fridge as it hardens them up even more so they are chewing on them longer.
12/06/17 | john e hall
: 5/5


Fantastic company,delivery is great,customers are NOT,just customers,they treat them as people.Shop or on line,i was more than happy when i shopped with Zooplus,THANK YOU.
: 5/5

good company to deal with

this is a reorder of this product very happy with the delivery and product and very reasonably priced
05/02/17 | Veronica Bailey
: 5/5

Happy Healthy dogs with a daily Dentastix

My four dogs have had a morning Dentastix for years and the vet comments every time they have an annual check on how great their teeth are - apart from that they absolutely love them
05/02/17 | Ali s
: 5/5

Great product

Best price around for sure. 112 sticks so will last a good while too. My gsd loves these and keeps her teeth healthy as she isn't comfortable with us cleaning them right now. Takes the worry off it for now.
: 5/5

Bedtime treat

My dog loves these stix. If I run out of them and there is no bedtime treat he gets really sad. And he has brilliant white teeth thanks to Dentastix and good genes!
: 5/5

Pedigree Dentastix

Absolutely super. My dog loves these things. He eats them really quickly but he doesn't have bad breath any more and looks forward to his treat everyday.
07/07/16 | Mr Keith honebon
: 5/5

Great price

112 sticks. Cheapest prices than any where else, keeps my dog teeth white and healthy gums plus you earn more rewards . great all round
25/05/16 | C Hammond
: 5/5

Great value for money!

These Dentastix are great value for money, and my lab treats this as a daily treat, which lasts for all of 10s! It helps reduce plaque on her teeth, so that is great!
29/01/16 | DianeHill
: 5/5


I've been giving my Shih Tzu Dentastix since she was a puppy. I took her to the Vet today for her 8th year health assessment and health check, and he was amazed at her teeth. No Tartar at all! Remarkable for an 8 year old dog! All down to regular Dentastix.
04/01/16 | Richard
: 5/5


Both Dentastix and DentaFlex are great for your dogs teeth, and are very low in calories so can be given once per day without your dog getting fat ! I have heard numerous vets recommend them in the practices I have been to. I have a staffie and German Shepherd (both rescues) they are both 5 , I have had them almost 4 years and they still have perfect teeth with no tartar whatsoever. I'd highly recommend these and DentaFlex to anyone for their dogs.
16/08/15 | Julia Brett
: 5/5

Good for Westies

I buy the large Dentastix for my 2 Westies. I give them half each every day as a bedtime treat and now they won't go to bed without it. They have good teeth for an 11 and a 9 year old so the vet tells me.
: 5/5

repeat order

These are always a repeat order on my zooplus account, they last a decent amount of time (unlike some others), and I don't worry about them splintering or getting stuck anywhere Make great "lolly sticks" when frozen in a cup of water and treats in the freezer in summer too!
03/05/15 | speakman
: 5/5

excelent dentalcare

excellent as a daily treat that helps with a dogs dental care as well. nice flavour too - so my dogs tell me!!
01/01/15 | James
: 5/5

They work...

My 6yr old goldie still has perfect teeth and very clean. The vets regularly comment on this.. Definitely worth a purchase. 'Max' has one after a walk (2hrs min) as his treat.. But be wise and search the prices..
18/06/14 | Annette McGlennon
: 5/5

A MUST treat for every dog

My dog views this as her treat every morning after her breakfast (and even loves the minty fresh ones too) On the other hand for me it is saving expensive vet bills as her teeth are much cleaner. I buy the large box at a time as this works out much cheaper in the long run. Worth the cost.
11/06/14 | Mary Bright
: 5/5

These are a must

Our 9 year old Schitzu's have perfect teeth, one a day keeps the Vet away.