12/14/17 | Ania

Very special treat

My dog goes crazy when I take one of these out. She absolutely loves them and they keep her occupied for much longer than any other chew, treat or toy. I've bought quite a few of these from Zooplus and have not had any issues with rancid smell so far (it did happen with other brands bought elsewhere).

09/24/17 | Teddy's owner

Good quality

I am very nervous of giving my cocker spaniel raw meat. But this is so cheap I thought I would give them a go. Not only could he not put it down, and loves to chew and grind his teeth on the thick bone, his teeth were cleaner and whiter. Really would recommend,

08/21/16 | Diana Fleming

Brilliant but go off quickly

Don't make the mistake that I did and buy these in bulk. They're great but my dog only eats one a week and most of them were sprouting forests of mould by the end of 10 days. They look airtight, but they're not.

10/25/15 | natasha


My large 5 month old american bulldog/mastiff really enjoyed this bone,it kept him amused for hours he chewed it until it was gone and didn't get bored with it, it must of been very tasty!! will defiantly order again


One happy dog!

My dog is raw fed, so finding appropriate treats can be a challenge sometimes. She absolutely adores these bones, it's pretty much the only treat able to hold her interest and she will chew it for hours. I've ordered other ham bones from other places and they are just no where near as meaty and good as these, especially for this price as well. Would definitely recommend.



My chihuahua is enjoying his bone greatly. It is quite large so I'm not sure about the instruction to feed one a day. Also it's not clear from the packaging how long it will last when opened and how best to store it between chew sessions (my dog would eat it all in one sitting, but then he has no sense of what is good for him!)


Good with small side effect

I have a newfoundland (breed also mention in a previous post). She loves them and i have only found loose stools the next morning, then things get back to normal. With steak bones (post BBQ) she is unable to digest and vomits the pieces up after 36 hours. Other treats are either demolished in a few seconds or ignored, so i still use them as i cant find an altermative

02/21/15 | Tracey

My collie cross loves these. Engaged for hours

Smells vinegary out the packet. One Dog spends hours working on them and the other buries them! One dog has clean teeth and fresh breath and the other.....? Im concious that bones splinter and can get stuck so keep an eye on her, no tummy upsets.

11/25/14 | Philip

They love it but they eat the bone

The product description says it´s not to be eaten but you try telling that to our dogs (a mastiff and a Belgian shepherd). They love it and it keeps them busy for a couple of hours. However, they ate it completely and the following day they have diarrhoea. They don´t usually have stomach problems. The diarrhoea lasts only one day and they haven´t needed a visit to the vet. It´s happened every time.

10/15/14 | Joanne

Dog likes them but....

My GSD absolutely loves these and they keep him occupied for ages (one of the few chews that he isn't able to demolish in minutes!). Unfortunately the following day without fail, he will have yellow diarrhea, so he obviously has a problem with something on them, maybe a preservative? Just something to bear in mind in case your dog has a delicate tummy!

07/22/14 | Sophie

One of the few treats our fusspot consistently likes

Our Shikoku pup absolutely loves these bones, and they are one of the few things she will consistently beg for time and time again. She has not had any upset tummies as a direct result of eating these bones. However, on occasion the bones have splintered a little and I would strongly recommend they only be given to your pups while supervised and removed as soon as all the meat has been stripped off. They also smell pretty weird, but does keep our pups teeth nice and clean and, consequently, her breath is a bit fresher for a while after chomping.

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