14/12/17 | Ania
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Very special treat

My dog goes crazy when I take one of these out. She absolutely loves them and they keep her occupied for much longer than any other chew, treat or toy. I've bought quite a few of these from Zooplus and have not had any issues with rancid smell so far (it did happen with other brands bought elsewhere).
25/10/15 | natasha
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My large 5 month old american bulldog/mastiff really enjoyed this bone,it kept him amused for hours he chewed it until it was gone and didn't get bored with it, it must of been very tasty!! will defiantly order again
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One happy dog!

My dog is raw fed, so finding appropriate treats can be a challenge sometimes. She absolutely adores these bones, it's pretty much the only treat able to hold her interest and she will chew it for hours. I've ordered other ham bones from other places and they are just no where near as meaty and good as these, especially for this price as well. Would definitely recommend.
21/02/15 | Tracey
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My collie cross loves these. Engaged for hours

Smells vinegary out the packet. One Dog spends hours working on them and the other buries them! One dog has clean teeth and fresh breath and the other.....? Im concious that bones splinter and can get stuck so keep an eye on her, no tummy upsets.