12/08/19 | Edel
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Doubled in price

I have purchased these for months for €1.98 and now they are €5 very disappointing as they have more than doubled
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

My 12 weeks old Mal-Shi puppy loves these!

I bought a few chew toys for her to play with as she's teething so much. I wanted to try something new for her so I decided to try out these chew wraps. She absolutely loves them! They are the perfect size and keep her occupied for ages!
12/09/18 | Michael Brown
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Our two bearded collies love these chews and being low in fat are ideal for them. Will be purchasing some more.
31/05/18 | Susan
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Pleasantly surprised

We’re a kong/cows ears house hold. Max has a sensitive tummy so we are careful about introducing new foods. I got a back using the loyalty point and I will definitely be stocking up on my next order. Their size is deceptive I’ve a huskador (lab/husky) and I didn’t think he’d make much work out of them. But they lasted and he enjoyed them!
02/01/16 | Helena Brown
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A great little change for a dog with taste

Hektor the Pug is allergic to most things which means he has to have only rawhide/chicken treats. Bought one packet to try and he loves them.
10/09/15 | Lynn Helbert
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The perfect treat!

I got these treats for my (almost) 11year old Lab, like most senior dogs of his breed,he tends to pile on the pork! But I don't like to see him go without his treats so I thought I'd give these a try, well what can I say, total success! Freddie loved them! I could hear them crackle and crunch as he was chewing them, pure rawhide amply covered in yummy chicken,no nasties inside, just pure unadulterated ingredients and best of all, low in fat so Freddie can have his treats without getting chubby!
18/08/15 | Lynn Helbert
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My Lab goes mad for these treats!

Such good value and lasts for ages , my lab Freddie is ten years old now and is overweight due to age and arthritis but I don't want to deny him his treats,these are perfect,full of natural products,they even smell chickeny!
20/06/15 | Rachel
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The dog love them

My two English Toy Terriers can be occupied for hours at a time trying to demolish these. I originally thought they were just chicken but are raw hide wrapped in dried chicken breast. Excellent for stimulation / teeth cleaning, and hours of peace and quiet for us. Got 3 packs free with my zooplus points and exceeded expectations of how much the dogs would enjoy them.
30/05/15 | Pauline Hill
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best teeth cleaner

Came as free gift - took ages for my working sheepdog to finish - he loved them, but more importantly they helped clean his teeth - not advertised as teeth cleaner, but better than anything I have tried. Will be buying more.
08/12/14 | Laura
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very good

My Yorkshire terrier LOVES these.they're his bedtime treat! I buy these 20 to 30 pks at a time.
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fab treat

our three dogs go absolutely mad for these treats!
19/06/14 | Rachel Steel
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fab treat

Or three dogs absolutely love love love these chews! They go mad even before I cut the pack open!
08/06/14 | Suzanne Smith
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Thank you chews

Our puppy tibetan terrier loves them, she lays for ages, and tries to eat the bacon wrap first then the chew. It gives us a little quiet time to. On leaving the house she jumps to her cupboard just to let is know , hey you forgot the treat.
14/04/14 | Mr T
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Perfect evening treat.
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Yum Yum!!

I recently rehomed a Chinese Crested Hairless, an although my Chihuahua has absolutely no interest in dog treats I thought she might enjoy a chew having been previously impressed with the Dokas range. I wanted to find low fat treats to give her on bath days, after 10 minuets of vigorous chewing there is still a substantial amount remaining but she only has tiny little teeth, an overbite, and is missing some teeth due to her breed and type. Overall a success!!
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One of my dogs has to keep to low fat diet and I was delighted to see that he needn't be deprived of his treats because Dokas Chicken Breast Chew Wraps are so low in fat. Both of my dogs can't wait for Dokas Time and absolutely adore them.
30/04/13 | Susan
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Yummy Scummy according to my lab!!

My labrador is extremely fussy. Thought i would give these a try,so glad i did Zak loves them. First time in 10 years he has lay and chewed on a treat for longer than two minutes. Thank you zooplus.
09/09/12 | Sonjha
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I've bought these no end of times even though my dog doesn't like chews that need a bit more chewing! These are one of the few chews that last her more than 5 minutes and works wonders for her teeth. She is 8 years old now and never had her teeth cleaned.Brill product.
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These are a big favourite in our house, one huge 45kg dog who has the large ones cut in half and an 8kg puppy who chews away on the small ones, the added chicken on the outside is like the icing on the cake for them!
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These are excellent chews. They last fairly well depending on your dog. My dogs love them much better than the plain hide chews. Try the XXL ones if you have a bigger dog. A bit more expensive but worth it. I buy them regularly.